YouTube to MP4: How to Download Videos From YouTube?

YouTube to MP4

When it comes to entertainment, nothing can match the videos we find on the internet. The fact that every minute 300 hours of videos are uploaded on the site can tell you how vast the platform and its content is.

However, there is an issue with YouTube, and you can’t download the videos from the site. Well, that’s how it’s been since its inception. You can watch it, but not download it.

We often come across the videos on the site that are interesting, you want to upload them on places like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook or keep it as a status on WhatsApp, but that’s not possible. So what can you do?

Well, you don’t have to be disappointed. We have found you some sites that can help you to convert videos from YouTube to MP4. MP4 videos can be downloaded in the device and shared or uploaded on other platforms.

We have made a list of top 4 YouTube to MP4 converter sites, where you can download any video with a few clicks. The best thing about these sites is that not only can you download videos from YouTube to MP4, but there are other formats as well.

YouTube Videos: Top 4 Sites to Download

Various websites on the internet claim to convert videos from YouTube to MP4 or other formats. However, it can be confusing if you don’t know which sites are safe and deliver quality conversion.

That’s why we have made a list of top 4 sites that allow you to convert video in any format. Here are those sites:

SSyoutube, aka
SSyoutube, aka

SSyoutube is a site that offers you to convert the videos from YouTube in the following formats: MP4 – 360, MP4 – 720, MP4 – 1080(no audio), and WEBM – 1080(no audio).

You have to type SSyoutube on the browser, and it will show you the webpage. You can also install an extension that works as YouTube Downloader, where you can download any video right at the video page, you don’t even have to go through the entire process.

The second choice for our list is y2mate. The best thing about this site is the clean interface and the variety it offers in downloading. Do you know that you can download full HD 1080p videos here? Not only that, but you can also extract audio-only video.

In case SSyoutube is down, you can visit y2mate for the rescue.


The third choice on the list is YouTubetoMP3. This site lets you download big size, high-quality videos with high speed. You will be able to see that the sound quality doesn’t suffer during the conversion.


ClipconverterThe final choice for this list is ClipConverter. The site offers you a simple interface that makes downloading videos in multiple formats easier. You can convert and download them in audio formats as well.

Besides, the site has a simple browser addon that makes downloading quick and simple.

YouTube Videos: What to Download?

Now that we’ve seen the sites where you can convert YouTube to MP4, there is another question that many readers ask. It’s not surprising to go blank whenever we have to make a choice. We will give you some ideas to explore and find the stuff to download.


If you are interested in watching anime, you can head straight towards a site like GOGOANIME, where you can stream episodes and download them as well. The reason we recommend visiting GOGOANIME instead of YouTube is that it’s only a better place to watch anime.

You can download specific clips from anime episodes on YouTube, however. But for proper watching, visit the streaming sites.

Cooking videos:

What would be a better way to spend time than learning cooking? Well, if you are into cooking, there are tons of short, interactive cooking videos that can be downloaded using the sites, and you can share them with friends and family.

You can learn new recipes, or maybe ways to make a dish tastier with hacks told into cookery videos. Anyhow, cooking enthusiasts can think of YouTube as a school of culinary science.

Lectures and Educational Videos:

Another thing to do during this quarantine is learning new subjects, and coming out a little more learned. YouTube can be a great teacher if the student is willing.

There are channels like Khan Academy that regularly upload lectures on various subjects. If not Khan Academy, you can search for your preferred subject related videos and download them to watch.

You can share those videos with your peers. Who wouldn’t love interactive teaching?


YouTube is a house to some channels that regularly post informative documentaries on a wide range of topics. If you are looking for something informative, why not watch a documentary?

Watching documentaries can give you new ideas, information, and a point to discuss with family over dinner or with friends online.


There are thousands of interviews of all the famous personalities from diverse backgrounds scattered all over YouTube. Why not watch the interviews, you can cut the video and highlight some of the best bits to share with everyone.

Final Words

Now that we have told you about sites like SSyoutube and the possible content you can explore on YouTube, we hope your time during this quarantine will be spent wisely.

If you have friends and family members who don’t know how to download stuff from YouTube, share this article with them. Read our other articles and let us know what you think.

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