YouTube is one of the biggest and most famous video distribution platforms in the virtual world today. It started its operation since 2005 with amateur videos as its main product and due to the advancement of technology wherein people are becoming more engaged in the internet, YouTube’s video production has been highly sought in the market.

People worldwide find YouTube a great source of entertainment as well as great source of information. From mainly amateur videos, it now offers variety of videos online across the globe including original content. Thus, giving YouTubers a very good career in which they can earn a lot of profits depending on the views of their videos and their subscribers.

Importance of YouTube to the world

YouTube was founded on St. Valentine’s Day of 2005 by former employees of PayPal namely Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. It was originally created for the purpose of giving voice to anyone across the globe. It was made to serve as a medium for people to connect with each other thru sharing or uploading any video they want without any restriction. From amateur videos, it then became a boom that allowed people to post more of its variations and serve more purpose than just being an entertainment hub.

It created a way for people to be entertained at the same time to learn something. Most viewed videos are in the genre of music, education, comedy or skits, gaming, vlogs, product reviews, tutorials, and many more. This paved a way in creating career and building up names of different people worldwide just like YouTubers or YouTube content creators which is now one of the most profitable careers worldwide.


Who is a YouTuber or YouTube Content Creator?

YouTubers or YouTube content creators are people who upload or produce any video on YouTube. They can be vloggers, gamers, artists, or anyone who holds bright ideas that would attract more viewers and subscribers. They are usually supported by networks that is why they need to have interesting and unique content in their videos. There are a lot of famous YouTubers these days because most people now are engaging in social media or internet to have some fun and learn.


How do YouTubers earn?

Most YouTube content creators are supported by networks and are paid depending on how many views their videos can get. Many well-known YouTubers are earning thousands or millions of dollars because they already have established hundreds and millions of subscribers. They can earn not only on the views of their videos but as well as the views of the advertisement which appears before or in between the video. Actual rates vary depending on the advertiser that ranges from $0.10-$0.30 per view but the average would be $0.18 thus, you will receive $18 per 1,000 views while normal views can earn from $3-$5 per 1,000 video views. Views can be acquired through invites from social media accounts or buying youtube views. There are a lot of reliable sites like Famoid that offer fast delivery service of youtube views in which rates vary depending on how many views you wish to have.