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Experience an exclusive world-class workout with Hokali surf lesson. Learn some wave riding skills, become ocean aware, and improve your surfing skills with a small group and an expert instructor.

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HOKALI offers surf lessons from beginners to experienced surfers. We personalize each session according to your abilities and skills.

Surf Lessons For Beginners

If you have never tried surfing or have tried in the past and still don’t feel safe this is the level for you. You’ll definitely start with white foams, so don’t be scared of mega wave videos you find on youtube or friends telling you about sharks, those are just big legends. Our goal will be to make you fall in love with this sport or lifestyle.

We will start from the basics through a fun and educational introduction because before entering the water it is essential to know the rules.

Surf Lessons for Intermediates

At the discretion of our instructors, those who know how to catch and ride white water waves independently are classified as level 1. The goal will be to reach the line up to start taking left and right green waves.

We will teach you to take the green waves left and right, when you go out in line up it is important to know that there are many written and unwritten rules that you will need to know in detail, it will be our job to let you have an informative background so as not to incur problems with the Premises.

Advanced Level Surf Lessons

Always at the discretion of our instructors, those who come out independently in the lineup and manage to capture green and high waves, those who know how to surf front side and backside, are classified as Advanced learners. Advanced level surf lessons are designed to provide you suitable spots and provide you with all the knowledge you need to feel confident that you can do most of the work yourself

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