Yocan New Dry Herb Vaporizer

The specific advanced dry herb vaporizer is designed for the next level aromatic therapy that helps you to feel better. It is the best competition for many of the vaporizers out there. The smart vaporizer is ideal and best for the use due to its price and size. It is a competition for all other devices in the market due to these two major features. The vaporizer gives you the high-end quality and latest technology in the field of vaporizers. 

Its ceramic heating element makes it a compact and portable vaporizer that gives you the right essence of herbs without reaching the point of combustion. It specifically works on heating the herbs and not burning them so you can use it for long and best. 

The exclusive design 

Its design is future proof, the vaporizer has all the exclusive features of a smart vaporizer that will remain in fashion for years. It is sleek and portable that can easily fit to your pocket and carried anywhere. Moreover, the smart buttons with OLED screen makes it easy for you to power on, off and adjust the heating. A complete digital vaporizer helps you to enjoy the herb vapors anywhere easily. The vaporizer is 3.1 inches tall and 1.1 inches wide that are the ideal dimensions for a portable device. It is just like any other gadget that you can carry in your pocket, wallet or place anywhere. 

Features that makes it different

Other than digital display and smart buttons there are following exclusive features of the vaporizer that makes it different. All these features in combination make the use of vaporizer easy and safe for you. 

Chargeable battery – the compact vaporizer have an 1100mAh Battery that comes with USB C-type charging facility. You can charge the vaporizer once and will be able to use to for good time. 

Heating chamber – the ceramic heating chamber works as a conventional oven that heats the herbs and do not burn them. It takes almost 30 seconds to heat up the herb and give the best vaporization. 

Smart vibrating alerts – you can turn on the vaporizer by pressing the button and it will automatically turn off after heating. Moreover, the vibration alerts notify about the battery, heating and refill. 

Things you will get in the package 

In the package of the Yocan dry herb vaporizer, you will get the vaporizer with a cleaning brush, C-type charging cable and a user manual. The package holds all the necessary attachments that you need from charging, cleaning and operations. In case of any problem, you can consult the user manual and get the problem resolved easily. 

Get your Yocan dry herb vaporizer now! 

You can get the quality and genuine Yocan vane from Yocanvaporizer.com easily. It comes with a guarantee and quality that you need. The performance of the vaporizer is at its best that lets you have the ultimate results. It works best for aromatherapy and helps you to keep the environment clean, stress free and soothing.