David Beckham isn’t the only footballer men follow for fashion inspiration. So many other footballers have come forward and people around the world are convinced they are fashion icons. 

Since their lives are being documented more than ever, these football stars don’t hesitate to reveal their true style whether they are wearing khaki pants on a formal occasion or are in their tracksuit getting a Starbucks coffee. You will find such players too who just can’t get enough of showcasing their fashion choices.

Whether they are rocking a plain tee shirt or making an appearance at an event, these are the best-dressed footballers:

1: Mario Balotelli 

This Italian professional footballer is one of the lunatic best-dressed footballers. He is often seen in the headlines because of his bizarre choices.

It’s hard not to take the attention away from his hair and interesting attire. From bold colors to patterns and cuts, this man is capable of pulling off any kind of look. 

2: Andrea Pirlo

Pirlo has been the heart and soul of Italian football for decades. His hair and beard make him look just wow. His dressing style matches his wing style. It is always cool and functional.

He has been featured on the covers of Vanity Fair and Surface. Pirlo has a gift of handling casual attire and luxury suits like a boss. Do check out his photoshoots for D&G calendars. 

3: Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is one of the highest-paid footballers to this date. When it comes to looks, this superstar always looks flashy. He has managed to acquire affiliation with Nike and a sponsorship deal with Emporio Armani, which has helped him look his best.

There is seldom an occasion where he has caught looking anything but handsome! 

4: Thierry Henry

Henry is one of the best goal scorers on the English football team. 

Every footballer has a statement piece they are known for. Beckham’s was his headband and Cantona’s was his collar. In Henry’s case, it is his socks, which he is seen pulled up over his knees.

But that’s not the reason he is on the list of the best-dressed footballers. Whatever he wears, he always looks comfortable and sounds assured. Henry has killed the stereotypical view that cardigans are for seniors only. I would suggest all young men to follow Thierry Henry for style inspiration!

5: David Ginola

My mother started taking interest in football the day David Ginola did a shoot in his pants! Although she claims it is a coincidence, we all know the truth.

Ginola is one of those football players who have more magazine covers than national cups. His chiseled good looks, flowing hair, and unique wing play make it look like he has come from another planet. 

6: Héctor Bellerín

This football player is a streetwear nut. He is known for his fiery sportswear and top-of-the-shelf fashion pieces. When he was photographed wearing silk pajamas and Gucci loafers, his teammates mocked him by printing out pictures of him and stuck them on his locker. 

Even though his mates underappreciated his style sense, the player got Vogue’s attention. The best thing about Bellerín is that he is not a label obsessive person. He has a sewing machine at home and doesn’t mind stitching his own apparel.

7: Xabi Alonso

This football player is found spending his time modeling for big fashion houses like Prada, Polo, and Ralph Lauren. He has been a spokesperson for Spain’s largest fashion brand Emidio Tucci.

In 2010, the Spanish media voted him as the best-dressed footballer. Alonso does a commendable job balancing smart and casual. Also, he is a classic gentleman. You will barely find a malfunction in his wardrobe. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he is a man of pure class. In case you didn’t know much about him, Google his shoots and best looks and prepare to be amazed.

8: Marouane Fellaini

Fellaini has the neat habit of pairing his Manchester United suit with a New Balance trainer. This man has an eye for quality. He sued his former sponsor for making defective football boots.  He made it to the headlines for radical new hairstyles in the GQ photoshoot. No wonder people have often shown curiosity to learn about the dimensions of his hair.

9: Keisuke Honda

This Asian football player flaunts an Italian and Japanese street style. His flashy blond hair has caught everyone’s eye whenever he is out in the streets of Milan.

Honda clearly takes risks when it comes to fashion to stand out from the crowd. Some say he is the next Beckham of fashion. He has the ability to pull off any type of look. 

You better head to his Instagram page to catch all his previous shoots and draper looks.

I could just go on and on and name many other best-dressed footballers. For now, take inspiration from these icons and revive your wardrobe.