5 World of Warcraft Gearing Guide and Tips for Beginners


You’ve probably heard about the so-called MMORPG games taking over the gamer world. One such game is World of Warcraft that managed to lure millions of people worldwide to play and remain faithful to it, for over a decade now. People around the world, from almost every country imaginable, have become addicted to it, and even though it’s an online type of entertainment, many have made lifelong friends while playing. So, there are tons of reasons to hop in on board, in case you haven’t done so already.

The game, like any other, is about progressing and leveling up, some things are crucial to know if you want to progress fast. Of, course, gear is one of the main tools required for climbing up the ladder, and if you are a beginner a couple of more tips are recommended to be followed in order not to get lost. Therefore, read this article until the end, and find out all you need to know about getting the best gear and useful tips you should stick to as a beginner player.

1. Campaigns and searches


One of the earliest and easiest ways to get into your gear early is via World Quests and Callings (a daily adventure you’ll be sent on when you start playing). You will usually get about two or three world quests a day, with the second choice Conduit World Quest. These short quests of three to five minutes will be found in the four main zones and can be completed individually or in a group.

As for the votive campaign kit, although the level of items is not so high, some of the early pieces are beautiful and you will get the opportunity to upgrade as you progress in the weekly campaign. Specifically for altos, due to the faster alignment of vows, you will be able to pick up this set much faster, so it will probably be a better option on altos.

2. Boosts


As the game has improved over the years, people have struggled to keep their characters geared up in a way to be able to complete the quest and campaigns mentioned in the previous points. With the technical possibilities being improved as well, now the requirements for these quests have grown, and a recreational player can hardly cope with them. You need to play constantly to maintain a valid character. Some people have seen this coming and created the option of buying a boost, for those who didn’t have time to work on the character’s gear. Whenever you feel like you need it, especially as a beginner, visit https://buy-boost.com/wow.

3. Getting a profession or becoming a craftsman


Being a craftsman is a fantastic way to rise to a respectable level before you reach level 60 while you want to move around in dungeons and raids. The crafted equipment will take you to a high level of 155, and 161 of them are available through Craftsmen Rank 2. Such equipment can be made by tailors, blacksmiths, and tanners, with jewelry and several weapons made from Inscription and Jewel crafting.

As you align your craft, you’ll also start to come across legendary craft items that are worth your time and will provide you with a great item to sell. Crafting will never be your ultimate goal, however, with some emphasis on leveling the craft as you level up, you may find yourself with a nice set of equipment ready for you when you leave level 60. So, gear-wise, it’s a smart shortcut to take.

4. Dungeons and Mythical +


This is your only source of equipment that can be purchased all day. With normal and heroic dungeons, you will be able to get a decent starting loot. For those who chose to be healers or tanks, you will also get current queues, so preparation will be quick. The last level of the dungeon before Mythic + are the mythical dungeons. These are available once a week, although they offer you a first look at some of the epic gear pieces in the game. These dungeons are also your best chance to get some legendary drops to make legendary equipment.

Mythic Plus is the last pillar of Dungen’s rotation. These are much harder than the mythical versions, scaling is done with the higher key you use. These dungeons are also timed and you will need to find a group in advance and plan accordingly. Fortunately, with prey scaling and repeatable M + capabilities, you’ll be able to send them at will. If you can find the keys.

5. Doing raids


The last pillar of getting a good piece of gear comes from doing raids. With the scaling of prey from the LFR, normal, heroic and finally mythical. The LFR is separated into three wings and allows you to log in to play with random players via the in-game Raid Finder. Although the LFR offers the lowest level of objects, it does not require time commitment such as attacking at higher levels.

With Normal and more, you will have to enter with a group of friends. Starting from 10 to 30 for Normal and Heroic. With Mythic, the hardest mode is locked at 20. For modes above LFR (especially early launch attacks) you will need to find a guild to do this content. Prizes are paid out though. Mythical attacks have the highest equipment in the game for PVE content, so it is definitely worth looking for a challenge.

What makes this game so exciting and appealing for the millions of people playing it for years, are the vast possibilities starting from creating a character to play with, exploring the worlds, and teaming up with so many people from different parts of the world. Many have grown with it but still chose to remain faithful to the play and the game’s huge community.

Even though it feels like you’ve missed a lifetime, if you haven’t played so far, it’s not too late to start your journey of discovering Azeroth.