Woolworths Supermarkets (lovingly known as “Woolies”) is the biggest supermarket chain in Australia. Since 1924, Woolies has been famous for providing great products at an even greater bargain price. After nearly a century in the industry, they have expanded from only having one branch to almost a thousand supermarkets all over Australia and have shifted their focus to selling fresh produce.

Woolworths has been around for a very long time and become Australia’s favourite. Some people even check out the woolies catalogue so they can piece together the right products they need during shopping sessions.

So, what are the specific qualities that set them apart from the rest?

Fresh, Locally-Sourced Food

Known as “Australia’s Fresh Food People,” Woolworths has committed to providing fresh quality options for their customers. Their offers range from fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, bread, milk, butter, and everything else.

Fresh food is not what sets them apart. It’s the emphasis on “Australia” in the tagline. They’re not just fresh food people; they’re Australia’s. This is because Woolies vows to source their food products from Australia wherever possible locally. They get 100% of their meat and 96% of their fruits and vegetables from Australian farmers. Doing this ensures not only that the products are fresh but also that fellow Australians are supported.


Despite their famous tagline, Woolies sells a broad range of products besides food. These include anything you need at home, from pet products and cleaning materials to baby supplies and cosmetic products. Their wide selection can be found in all 1,000 stores throughout the country, making shopping convenient.

To make it even more convenient, customers can view their myriad of offers on their website and go through the shopping experience from the comfort of their homes! However, offering such a large number of products to countless customers comes at the cost of producing an even more significant number of waste materials. The good news is that Woolworths has taken steps to make the world a greener place without compromising their vast selection of products and their quality of service.

In 2018, Woolies began giving out paper bags instead of plastic ones and has been continuously encouraging their customers to bring reusable or environmentally friendly bags while shopping. They have also begun lessening or even outright removing plastic from their products’ packaging. This move has led to an 80% drop in plastic use in the country. To put that into perspective, this alone has prevented the circulation of an estimated 3 billion plastic bags.

Weekly Deals

Fun fact: Woolies’ first name was “Woolworths Stupendous Bargain Basement.”  Staying true to the old name, Woolworths still offers stupendous bargains 97 years later. You can find these amazing offers in the woolies catalogue.

Their deals encompass all of their product categories, from chocolate eggs for the upcoming Easter to the Nintendo Switch. These fantastic deals are updated weekly or on holidays and special occasions!

Woolworths has been a big part of Australia’s history. From being the first variety store to implement receipt printing to now being the biggest supermarket chain, the company has been through many changes. What remains unchanged is the way they value their customers. Always thinking of its country first by continuously finding ways to help Australia and its beloved citizens, Woolies has been given a place in every Australian’s heart.

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