Women’s sexual desire and why some of them lose it

People’s public lives are not always the same as their private lives. What is being portrayed in places such as social media is mostly the opposite of reality. Many couples are living with troubling difficulties and secrets. When it comes to women, low sexual desire has been a hidden agenda. Some of them even pretend just to satisfy their partners. There are only a few women who come out to talk about the low libido problem. Low sexual desire occurs to men as well but it can easily be noticed as compared to their female counterparts. Low libido or sexual desire can happen to anyone. You should never think that it is restricted to a specific gender, race, or class of people. Lowered sexual desire has cause strain to many relationships these days.

How can you tell that you have a low sex drive?

Just like in men, you can easily notice when you have a low sex drive. Certain symptoms must occur to you if you have a low libido. For example, you might not be having any interest in sexual activities, not even masturbation. Also, if you have never been having sexual thoughts and fantasies, that might be a sign of low libido. When you are concerned by your lack of sexual fantasies or activities, make an effort to see a doctor immediately. You can also make good use of Addyi to get your libido back

What are the causes of low libido in women?

The causes of lower libido in women is very complex. This is because there are several factors such as beliefs, physical, emotional, and lifestyle among other things that must be in play. If you have been experiencing a problem in any of the mentioned areas, your libido might be affected negatively.

1. physical causes of low libido

There are physical changes, illnesses, and medications that can contribute to low libido in women. There are certain drugs especially antidepressants that are known to reduce the sexual desires of a woman. Your lifestyle habits such as deprived crushed libido desire can lead to a decrease in sexual desire in women. There are also sexual discomfort issues such as feeling pain during sex or can’t orgasm during sex that causes low libido. Health issues such as a change in your hormone levels can also be a hindrance to your sexual desires.

2. Internal causes

Apart from the physical causes of low libido, we also have internal ones. Your emotional state can have an impact on your libido. Some of the things that can affect your emotions include stress and even unnecessary pressure. Struggling with the feeling that you do not have a perfect body.

3. Struggles in relationships

When you are not in good terms with your spouse, it can be very difficult for the two of you to feel connected. When you are disconnected, that is when low sexual desires begin. To salvage your relationship, use lovegra