Will Shooting Ranges have a good future? What is the annual growth rate?

VR Fire Ranges Help Military Forces to Train Economically Amid Coronavirus

Sports facilities are regaining business, as coronavirus restrictions are being eased and stay-at-home orders are being lifted. Stakeholders in the shooting ranges market are benefitting from such trends. On the other hand, companies are targeting military and Special Forces to broaden their revenue streams. For instance, Asterion VR is gaining recognition for its virtual reality simulators that have been designed with the help of experienced doctors and specialized engineers.

Companies in the shooting ranges market are collaborating with video game experts in their studio to innovate in virtual reality (VR) fire ranges. These innovations are helping military forces to train economically and 24/7. The VR fire ranges are facilitating infinite walking in limited spaces.


shooting ranges market segmentation

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Indoor Shooting Range versus Outdoor Shooting Range: Which is Better?

Military and law enforcement agencies are investing in firearms training across departments. However, they need to bear in mind the pros and cons of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. Outdoor shooting ranges allow increased firing mobility for more tactical freedom, distance, and terrain based exercises. However, soil engineering and earthwork can be potentially expensive.

Indoor shooting ranges are very helpful during extreme weather conditions. However, pricey structural requirements with OSHO & EPA compliance for the accommodation of HVAC systems can significantly increase costs. Hence, companies in the shooting ranges market, such as Las Vegas-based Shooting Range Industries are offering custom designed shooting ranges that meet specific requirements of military and law enforcement agencies.

Conservation of Wildlife, Habitat Management Linked with Shooting Ranges

The shooting ranges market is expected to cross US$ 38.6 Bn by the end of 2030. Recreational shooting ranges are driving conservation funding in Michigan. The Rose Lake Shooting Range received funding from the Michigan’s Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF) to upgrade the facilities and make them accessible to handicaps. As such, conservation of wildlife and habitat management is being associated with shooting ranges.

Firearms owners, archery aficionados, and even non-shooters in Michigan are realizing the importance of funding shooting ranges to achieve the conservation of wildlife. Such trends are benefitting companies in the Michigan shooting ranges market. Even hunters are gaining awareness about maintaining the ecosystem, since deer and other animals are prone to browse heavily over young trees, wildflowers, and understory plants.

Innovative Shooting Accessories Attract Traffic from Sports Enthusiasts

The shooting ranges market is projected to register a favorable CAGR of ~7% during the assessment period. Manufacturers of shooting accessories such as air rifles and spare parts are important stakeholders in the value chain. Range Systems Inc. – a provider of live fire ballistic rubber products from Minnesota is establishing robust supply chains with military personnel and recreational facility owners. Thus, the U.S. holds lucrative revenue opportunities for companies in the shooting ranges market.

Companies in the shooting ranges market are increasing efforts to gain recognition from the United States Army Special Forces to acquire credibility among shoot-houses.

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Custom Shooting Range Solutions, Modern Technologies Being Preferred in Training Schools

Police training school such as the one in Kolkata, India is being highly publicized for offering the public with a modern shoot range at a price of only INR 100. Stakeholders in the India shooting ranges market are capitalizing on this opportunity to offer custom shooting range solutions to help facility owners attract public. State-of-the-art facilities with modern technologies are being preferred by sports enthusiasts.

Easy registration procedures with police training schools are translating into value grab opportunities for companies in the shooting ranges market. Companies are increasing focus on fully automated competition level shooting ranges. Customized shooting stalls are meeting specific law enforcement and commercial requirements.