Why You Should Never Go to Gym with Your Girlfriend

Maybe you didn’t know, but there are a few reasons for never bringing a girl to the gym. For many guys, a gym is a special place. They treat it as a church, as something very dear and personal. Sure, sporty girls can come there too but without their boyfriends. The same goes for dudes who come to the gym with their loved ones. They think joint workouts will benefit their relationship, but all they get instead is wasted time and no result. So, here are six main reasons why you should never bring your girlfriend to the gym.

You’ll lose your precious personal time

Everyone needs their own personal time, that’s why it’s so difficult for those who work in the office. You have a job, and you have a house where your girlfriend lives. You need personal space, you need a place where you can come and do what you like. In this place, you can look at other girls, have a chat with other guys, and do useful work. IF you bring someone from another life there, this will spoil the impression of this place as a refuge from all worries. Here’s a piece of relationship advice for you: everyone needs personal space; otherwise, you won’t last long with each other.

She might catch you staring at other ladies

God bless those who invented tight-fitting pants and bra tops! Now it’s even more satisfying to look at girls! Most men often look at ladies without a second thought, just like girls stare at shop windows with handbags. Who can resist looking at something beautiful? As soon as you take a peek at that girl in a pretty pink topic, you’ll get a look full of hatred and warning. When you came to the gym alone, you could relax and watch girls on treadmills, but now you’re deprived of this privilege.

She may ask you who’s better, she or “those chicks by the dumbbells”

Sometimes this question comes without a second thought. She has been going to the gym for about a week, and now she believes that she has embarked on the path of correction. Your girlfriend is sure she has no problem areas. And then she asks you: “Honey, who’s better, those girls over there or me?” It’s great if you’re surrounded by old ladies, but what if the girls around you are gorgeous goddesses? You have to lie so as not to offend her because it’s obvious that the girl begs for undeserved compliments. It’s difficult to be a man, especially when your girlfriend is well aware that she’s not as pretty as those chicks.

She’ll keep distracting you

It’s crucial to strictly determine the rest time between reps, but it will be hard because someone will distract you. She needs to rearrange the bench, change the weights, check her gear, support her barbell, and all that jazz. If the girl knows how gym equipment works, and all she needs from you is to rearrange the bench, it’s OK. But if she doesn’t understand anything at all in training, and the coach fails to help her for some reason, you’ll have to become her personal coach. This means you’re unlikely to be able to practice properly because you’ll hear her constant: “Look at me! Am I doing everything right?” “I’m so tired!” “Can I do it next time?” When you work out with a friend, he can control you, support you, and so on, but the girl can’t do this because she can’t manage heavy weights.

She won’t listen to you

There are people, for whom non-specialists aren’t authorities. Do you have a coaching background? No? Well, this means she can do everything as she sees fit, and in case of conflict, say that you’re not a coach, so you don’t know what’s right. Teaching a girl who’s not going to listen to you is quite difficult and almost useless. It’s best to hire a coach to be her authority.

You’ll see her worst sides

If she keeps doing things wrong, she’ll be terribly furious. It’ll be next to impossible for her to keep that cute face, especially after a heavy bar. Some girls manage to look very seductive, being sweaty and tired. But there are those that look strange and inadequate sometimes. Staring eyes, wet hair, gallons of sweat, a dirty shirt, and a not so pleasant unpleasant smell – be ready for that.