Why Mobile Prices increase in Pakistan

A mobile phone has become a basic necessity because of its involvement in our daily routine tasks is increasing day by day. As the usage of mobile phone is increasing its prices are also increasing and it is due to our economy because Government of Pakistan internationally do all trades in US Dollars and increase in dollar rate has a direct impact on our economy and it causes inflation in Pakistan. All major mobile tech like Apple, BlackBerry, Vivo, Motorola, Nokia, etc are internationally renowned companies, working for the innovation and up-gradation in the mobile phone industry and these companies sold their mobiles in US Dollars to all countries such if any mobile costs $500 then in Pakistan its price will be PKR. 77,000 which carries a huge difference and it is all due to the de-value of Pakistani Currency. If the Government of Pakistan makes such policies that help to improve our economy and Pakistani Rupee improves its worth against US Dollar then mobile prices in Pakistan will surely decrease. Now let’s check the top mobile technologies launching mobiles in Pakistan in US Dollars and compare the prices in Pakistani Rupee and USD.


Apple founded in a garage in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. iPhone is a series of smartphones designed and released by Apple Inc. and it uses Apple’s Operating Software to run its mobiles. In Pakistan iPhone series is very successful due to as compare to Nokia / Samsung etc. Recently Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max was launched in Pakistan. Its price in USD is $1758 but in Pakistani Rupees its costs Rs. 235,900 due to high dollar rates in Pakistan.


Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-Chul i 1983 as a trading company. Samsung’s mobiles are in the list of top mobile tech companies that launch expensive mobiles and in Pakistan Samsung, mobile prices are very high as compare to India, Bangladesh. Recently Samsung launched another series of expensive mobile named as Samsung Galaxy S20. Its price in USD is $1230 but if we convert this price in Pakistani Currency then we have to pay Rs. 164,999.


Nokia is Finnish multinational telecommunications, information technology, and consumer electronics company founded in 1865. In Pakistan, Nokia launches mobile from PKR 2500 & above. Recently Nokia 7.2 launched in Pakistan. Its retail price in USD is $354 but the consumer in Pakistan will have to pay Rs. 47,500 in Pakistani Rupees.

So, the retail prices of Mobiles in US Dollars are in 100s or 1000s but due to low powered Pakistani Rupees, we have to pay a huge amount to buy any mobile phone. The decrease in Price can happen only in such conditions when our economy improves and Dollar Rates decreases then automatically mobile prices will decrease.