5 Best Exodus Alternative For Kodi

Kodi is one of the best apps for jailbreaking firestick device. There are many exodus alternatives available to the app, but are they any worth downloading? Some of the exodus alternatives to the Kodi are good in comparison to content provided by Kodi, that there’s no significant difference between them. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best exodus alternatives for the Kodi app that are worth downloading for jailbreaking.

Exodus Redux

Talking about the exodus alternative for Kodi, we have Exodus Redux at the top of the list. This is also one of the best apps you can add to Kodi. One of the best features of this addon is that it provides you the legit link for all the movies. This is one of the best features about installing the Exodus redux to the Kodi app that no matter what movie you are searching for, you will always get the legit link to it. What more do you get with this addon? Exodus Redux always gives links to movies that are available in HD. 

You can easily integrate IMBDb to it, which will tell you the ratings of the movie and basic details about it. When watching a movie, many people search for its ratings and cast members based on which they can decide whether the movie is good to watch or not. By integrating IMBd to the Exodus redux addon, you can get all the information about the movie. The only thing that the addon is limited is that it is available by 3rd party developers. Exodus Redux is not an official addon made available by Kodi; instead, you will have to get it from the third-party developer. If that is not an issue for you, then you are good to go with this addon. 

The Magic Dragon

The magic dragon is another Kodi addon that can be used to stream movies that are high on demand. The addon has been widely used by people from all over the world to stream all the latest movies. Installing the addon to the Kodi is also quite simple. Not only it allows users to search movies by name, but certain search criteria enhance your search result, such as you can search based on release date and cast. With a clean interface, you can easily use the addon to stream your favorite movies. 

Not only this much, but you can also check how many viewers have watched the same film you are watching. Along with movies, you will be getting sports shows, movies, and kid’s shows as well. You can stream all the available content in HD quality, which can go up to 4K resolutions. 

The Crew

Now on the list, we have The Crew Kodi addon, which is also a highly versatile Exodus alternative for Kodi. The Crew offers you large playlists options for you to stream your favorite content. Some of the options that are included in the playlist include sports section, fitness, movies, TV shows, Holiday cheer, IPTV services, and much more. With installing the addon to Kodi, you can have the benefit of the full-fledged streaming service on your TV. The UI is bug-free, which makes your experience extremely good.


Many people prefer using Venom as the Exodus alternative for Kodi. Venom being an addon to Kodi, allows users to stream all the content they would like to. Unlike other Kodi addons, users can get the legit links to all the movies and other content they would like to stream. With ratings from IMDb, you can arrange your watchlist as per the ratings of the movie. With Venom addon, you get IMDb integrated by default, which enhances your search result as per the ratings and basic information of the movie. When visiting the addon’s homepage, you will see a list of all the categories under which the content has been categorized. 

The list of the categories will include options such as- TV shows, movies, new episodes, new movies, tools, search, news and info, and some much more basic options. While going for the addon for the Kodi, the user has to be aware of the installation process. Some of the addons for Kodi are quite a bit difficult to install. Well, installing Kodi is not a difficult task at all, and you can easily integrate it with your Kodi. 


Covenant is also a good exodus alternative for Kodi you can try going for. You can prefer using the addon if you are looking for a UI that is easy to navigate with all the categories in one place. Well, there’s only one con of this addon which has to be taken care of. Covenant is a 3rd party addon that is not officially released by Kodi. Covenant being a 3rd party addon, one cannot wholly rely on the links that are provided by the addon. 

Streaming copyright content is a legal threat, and one cannot prefer using the addon for streaming the content until the links are verified to be from a legit and legal source. Well, in such a case, you can prefer using a VPN. This addon is advised to use if you are using a VPN. Talking about the content that is provided, one can say that the content is available in HD quality. All of the content available on Covenant can be streamed in HD.