Why Choose OWNR Wallet?

If you’re searching for a cryptocurrency app that’s super secure, easy to use, and supports a whole range of coins, look no further that OWNR Wallet. OWNR Wallet has been designed for everyone from businesses and traders to developers and cryptocurrency newcomers, meaning that it’s the perfect option regardless of how much you know about cryptocurrency.

Based in Estonia, the OWNR Wallet team was established in 2018 and is made up of IT professionals with backgrounds in everything from fintech and cyber security to cryptocurrencies and marketing. Using their combined skills, the team have created a wallet that gives the user complete control over their assets, with the ability to add and manage coins with ease.

OWNR Wallet is easy to use

Created with those who are new to cryptocurrency in mind, OWNR Wallet has a very user-friendly interface which enables you to see all of your different coins and tokens in a list. There is a button for adding new currencies and accounts, and tokens are updated as soon as they are received to your wallet thanks to the app’s unique continuous token discovery option. You can rename accounts to whatever suits you, and multiple accounts can be set up for the same coins which makes splitting asset flows easy to manage.

OWNR Wallet can be set to a number of different languages, and you can select the fiat currency that best suits your requirements too. This makes it the perfect cryptocurrency app option no matter where in the world you’re based.

OWNR Wallet supports a range of cryptocurrencies

Thanks to supporting 11 coins, OWNR Wallet is ideal for those managing a whole range of different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, plus ERC 20 and Omni Layer tokens. If you already have an HD wallet, you can restore this when you set up your OWNR Wallet, meaning that you don’t need to go through adding all of your currencies again. If you don’t have an old wallet to restore, you can simply add your currencies once in the app, and these will appear in a clear list.

In addition to being a multi-currency app, OWNR Wallet is multi-platform too and can be used with MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.


OWNR Wallet is very secure

If you’re looking for a secure cryptocurrency option, OWNR Wallet is definitely for you. The app is non-custodial which means that no-one else has access to your assets, and you can only enter the app through using a seed phrase. The seed phrase will contain between 12 and 24 for words which need to be entered in the correct sequence in order to access the wallet. This eliminates the need for a confusing combination of private and public keys which are used in other apps, and means that only those who know your seed phrase will be able to see your account. It is recommended that you write the seed phrase down rather than save it to your device, and you can access a reminder once in the app should you misplace this at any time.

In addition to your seed phrase, you can choose to set up a password of your choosing for an added level of security. Once inside the app, you can boost this security further through implementing a pin code, face ID, or touch ID.

How do I get an OWNR Wallet?

To get your own OWNR Wallet, simply head to ownrwallet.com where you can download it for yourself. Then you can simply restore an existing wallet, or get started by adding coins from the settings menu once you’re in the app.