Why a Mobile Friendly Business Website is a Must in 2023

The Importance of Having a Mobile Friendly Website

In 1997, there were roughly 1 million websites, and 10 years later, there were 150 million. In 2007, there were around 1 million mobile websites, and the number is supposed to reach 150 million by 2017. It is clear that mobile-friendly websites are going to increase exponentially in the coming years. The Internet started on the PC, but with more than 3 million mobile phones being used around the world, these changes have left the business world with no choice but to adapt to them.

People want to access information and services faster. Those companies that have not yet adapted to mobile devices can overlook this opportunity to attract new customers that is why today it is very important to have a website compatible with mobile devices.

Why Should You Have a Website Optimized for Mobile Devices?

Better user experience: Today the user experience on the mobile web is not always the best. Long load times frustrate people and this translates to high bounce rates. And when we talk about online stores, interrupted browsing sessions in the purchase processes generate a negative experience for potential customers.

Because of this, mobile web performance is a very popular topic these days, like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA). However, performance is not just an isolated issue that programmers need to worry about.

Performance should be a critical function in any design of website. A very attractive site with poor performance is useless, this will only alienate people. Therefore website design with FirstCom is best for your company or business.

The Smartphone Rebellion: Smart phones have become more affordable in recent years. Almost everyone has one or is thinking of buying one. These devices are excellent for handheld navigation. Since the sale of smart phones is growing, that is why it is a necessity for businesses to have a website compatible with mobile devices.

The popularity of mobile Internet: According to studies, 40% of people who have a mobile phone use it to surf online, and half of them will be online at least once every day. This represents a great opportunity for your business.

Cheap option: Because mobile screens are very different from computer screens, the site design has to change accordingly. It is a relatively inexpensive process and not very time consuming.You Can Also Read Best Website development company in California

Don’t be outdone by the competition: People like to visit web pages during their free time. However, when they find that the sites they normally use on their PCs are not mobile friendly, this could cause a customer to switch to a site that offers similar services and is mobile friendly as well.

SEO: Having a mobile friendly website also helps in SEO as it helps improve ranking in mobile search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Other options for your customers: The alternative to a mobile- friendly website is the production of applications that perform similar functions. Now this can be a very tedious task. How to make an application is also quite expensive and apart from that, you would have to make different applications for different platforms. Once you make these apps, they have to battle hundreds of thousands of other apps to get into the spotlight.

2D bar codes used: A big advantage that comes along with websites of mobile devices is the 2D barcode. These appear like regular barcodes, but are capable of much more. They can be used for discounts. A customer takes a photo of the code with their cell phone and instantly has access not only to product details; they can also review the product before purchasing.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are numerous reasons for you to have a mobile version of your website. Mobile phones are the device of choice for many people today. People use mobile devices for navigation because they want to save time. If a site takes too long to load, then the user will simply close it. That is why it is very necessary to keep the size of your page small enough so that it loads quickly on mobile phones.

Often the text size problem appears as well. It is not a good idea to pack as much information as you can on one page. Mobile screens are small and it becomes difficult to read a large amount of text. Also clicking on the links becomes a difficult task. Make sure that the content of your page is easy to see and that it is also more easily navigable.