Who is dee dee the great

Dee Dee grew up in the Hollywood Industry. her parents were Hollywood Agents. Prior to becoming a Sex Coach, she owned and operated the firm Duchess Sports & Entertainment where she represented professional Athletes and Adult Entertainers. her journey as a Celebrity Sex Coach has been very smooth. Many celebrities all ready knew her and trusted her with their deepest darkest secrets. Prior to becoming a certified sex coach they would come to her for relationship and sexual advice.she would recommend things for them to try based on her personal experiences and it would work for them as well.

As a legal professional for adult entertainers, i was immerged as a Certified Sex Coach and an advocate for Safe Sex and Sex Education Like therapists of the more conventional variety, sex coaches spend their careers examining research, developing techniques, and learning about the human condition. They use that knowledge to help clients understand themselves better

This level of transparent communication continues throughout a sex coach’s interaction with someone. A sex coach will often talk about boundaries, interests, and desires from the beginning of their sexual relationship with someone.Dee Dee Williams also known as Dee Dee The Great is a best selling author of Erotic and New Adult Educational Books. Her latest book is head champ

In this book Dee Dee states that the practise of oral sex, or fellatio, indeed is commonly regarded as taboo in most conservative societies. Some segment of the society may even have negative feelings towards giving or receiving oral sex, as the practice is considered unclean and unnatural. Most countries do not ban oral sex, and the incitement of sexual arousal performed by oral stimulation is also regarded as “non-proper” sex, as the practice preserves the virginity of either partner.

The concept of “technical virginity” is often associated with non-penetrative sexual act, such as penile-vaginal or anal penetrative intercourse. Therefore, mutual masturbation and fellatio are popular amongst teenagers, in the initial stages of the sexual experience, as this is commonly used as a mean of “preserving virginity”

we’re lucky, everything about us is acceptable and adorable, from our toes to our temples. We lie naked on our parents’ skin, they can hear our heartbeat, we can see the delight in their eyes as they watch us do nothing more accomplished than blow a saliva bubble or suck our fingers.

Ever-expanding areas of our outer selves are forbidden to be touched by others. We have no choice but to keep a minimum of 60 or, even better, 90 centimetres’ distance between us and others at all times, to make it absolutely clear that our compromised selves have no intention of intruding into anyone’s personal space. We grow guarded. We become adults, expelled from paradise, unappealing to almost everyone we walk past..

The pleasure of oral sex is hence deeply rich and significant. It isn’t primarily about a pleasant physiological sensation at all, it’s about acceptance. It’s about an end to loneliness.