Introduction (Dadinrecovery)

Nick (Dadinrecovery) is an industry-leading addition expert who is regularly featured in TV, Radio, and National Press. Nick Conn is an ex cocaine addict who now runs an organization to help others who are struggling.

Nick also started a New YouTube channel which gives free workshops for anyone seeking.

Who actually Nick is?

Nick Conn was a cocaine addict while working as a police officer – and admits arresting dealers while high himself.

He is now running an organization in which he helps the people who are struggling.

Nick Featured in TV, Radio and National Press

Nick is featured in most of the TV shows nationally, on National Radio, and also in National Press. In his Workplace, he mostly explains about cocaine and addiction to cocaine. He also explains what are the signs and symptoms that realize you are addicted to cocaine.

He says that

Cocaine is highly addictive and what can start as a one-off can quickly turn into a habit. Regular use of the drug changes the way the brain releases dopamine – a chemical in the brain that makes you feel happy. But the high is short-lived so often users will take more to feel the desired effects again. Over time, the body and brain can become too used to cocaine that it builds up a tolerance, which means you have to take more to feel the same high.

If you realize that you have at least one of the above signs. make sure that you are addicted to cocaine.

You know if you have addicted to something that is the world’s most difficult thing to leave. but Nick was the man who does that. So he has more experience of life in the addition of cocaine and how to leave that addiction who knows better, The Nick.

He wants that the problems he faces while cocaine addiction, no one will face these problems. that’s why he started the organization and also a YouTube channel.

In some of his articles, he wrote all about how he started an addiction to cocaine and how difficult he leaves.

You know addiction of anything is very dangerous for health and we can not leave it easily, but Nick is the man who leaves his addiction and that was not easy.

His Work

Nick has an organization in which they offer the most personal and cost-effective options for Alcohol and drug addiction treatment. They provide free and independent advice on a wide range of treatments and can assist with detailed information on rehabilitation centers for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and behavioral addiction.

They have rehab treatment centers across the UK, South Africa, Thailand, and around Europe.

Why You Choose Help4Addiction

If you are from UK, South Africa, Thailand, and Europe and you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. You are free to connect with Help4Addiction. They will suggest to you the best treatment to leave your addiction.

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