Who Is Ahmed Sobhy – The Man Behind De-Stigmatising Rottweilers?

Are dogs man’s best friends? The saying is so old that we don’t even flinch before agreeing with it. “Of course, they are.” We have relied on our furry friends since time immemorial. Be it to safeguard ourselves or our herd, dogs have always protected mankind. So, yes, a dog is undeniably a man’s best friend and guardian.

Now, take a step back and think about all the dogs and their different breeds. Are all of them given the same love that they deserve? Absolutely not. While some dogs have the reputation of being docile and loyal, some breeds have been termed to be violent. And one such breed that has faced the brunt of it all is Rottweilers. This is where Ahmed Sobhy comes in!

Sobhy’s love for dogs started ever since he was a young boy. The one thing his innocent mind could not understand was the inequality between different breeds. He clearly saw through the falseness of a Rottweiler’s bad reputation. Slowly, but steadily, his love for Rottweilers turned into a passion to clear their bad rep.

Ahmed Sobhy’s Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

Ahmed Sobhy is a young serial entrepreneur from Egypt Born in July 20 Graduated From Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport Department of Computer Engineering , Beside his job in Cybersecurity. He decided that his dreams were worth fighting for. And he knew that a successful career needed his undivided attention.
he started focusing on building his empire of love. First, Sobhy created a small but attractive Facebook fan page for Rottweilers. He knew that there were Rottweiler lovers around, but what he could never have expected was the massive outpour of love and support. In just three weeks his Rottweiler fan page received over 200k followers!

Although Ahmed Sobhy started small, his future held something much bigger for him. Before he could even realize it, his Facebook fan page had built a strong and compassionate community of Rottweiler lovers. The followers started interacting with each other on issues related to Rottweilers. In all the comments and discussions, Sobhy realized that there was a lot of grievance about the stigma surrounding the breed. Another thing he noticed was the large gap in knowledge about a Rottweiler’s ideal grooming rituals, health care, training, and such.

One thing was clear. Ahmed Sobhy had to take in the reign and use his platform to spread the reality of Rottweilers and clear the widespread misinformation.

And so it went forward. Sobhy created an intricate website that deals with everything Rottweiler. Rottweiler Life is a place where you can find all the information about your fur baby. Any questions you might have will surely be answered. Unlike other websites, Rottweiler Life talks specifically about Rottweilers. And yes, this can be a risk, but love and passion can cross any hindrance. The website is not only doing well, but it has also gotten much public recognition. With a following of over 1.5 million people, this website has successfully spread real information regarding the breed. Not just that, in 2014, Sobhy’s web-child also received the award for the Best Rottweiler website.

While all the expansion might seem like a lot, Sobhy is still determined to go further. He has also introduced Rottweiler Life magazine, which comes out monthly. Each edition has exciting new stories. Subscribe to it, and you will surely be entertained as well as educated.

Another reason why Ahmed Sobhy’s enterprise is so important is that, by educating people, it clears their ignorance. Besides, the website does the educating in a subtle way. They entertain as well as educate. Rottweiler Life contains a ton of cute and funny videos of this breed. You can see them interacting with other tiny creatures, such as baby chicks, cats, even human toddlers.

Sure, it can be difficult to train your dogs. After all, they are a huge responsibility. But, once you understand them and train them, (preferably, early in as a puppy), they can be your companion without any trouble. Each breed is different, and so, they require different methods of training. Even simple things like grooming and diet differ from breed to breed. If you have a Rottweiler or are planning to get one, you should definitely prepare yourself by visiting Rottweiler Life.

Or, you can just buy a copy of Sobhy’s ebook, also called Rottweiler Life. It’s an easy, attractive, and simple guide to taking care of your fur baby. We don’t need to tell you how beloved this book is among dog lovers and parents. We’ll just tell you that this book has a US Bestseller title.

Ahmed Sobhy’s enthusiasm to reach as many people as possible made all this possible. You can choose to follow their page on Facebook and Instagram, visit their website, or simply subscribe to their monthly magazine. Whichever medium you are comfortable with, you can start educating yourself.

In yet another good news, Rottweiler Life’s success transformed the website into an LLC Media Company, operating from Florida, USA.

Sobhy understands that changing people’s perceptions takes time and consistent effort. And that is why his website and social media pages deliver informative articles and entertaining content every single day. Sobhy credits his loyal followers in spreading this message of positivity. After all, it takes a village to make a better man out of everyone.

That’s not all, Ahmed Sobhy’s entrepreneurial spirit ventures further. He is also the founder of  Wow Things Media Company. The company gives digital marketing services to its clients, such as website and app development, awesome SEO-friendly content, managing social media pages, etc. Since Sobhy has seen such a success on the virtual platform, he wishes other virtual content creators get the same support that he got.

Even though all the entrepreneurial ventures mentioned above are a lot, Sobhy’s spirit is not done yet. With the love and support if his followers, he is determined to make it even bigger.

Ahmed Sobhy has done a lot in de-stigmatizing Rottweilers. You can do the same by just spreading the word. Big changes come slow.