The Royals and many of the championship clubs will be enjoying a short break of seven and a half weeks with 2019 – 20 seasons coming to an end. The season is scheduled to conclude on the 8th and 9th of May 2021. There will be playoffs in all of the three divisions across the Spring Bank holiday weekend by the end of May.

There is yet another date that the players are excited about. With one season ending with celebration, there is another season beginning with new hope and excitement as the EFL has confirmed the commencement of the next season.

League One and League Two seasons for 2020-21 of the sky Bet championship will begin on Saturday the 12th date of September 2020 announced the EFL. It is reported that the shareholders of the Premier League have agreed to start the 2020-21 premier league season on the 12th of September 2020. the schedule of the domestic competitions will be prepared by the premier league after consultation with the FA and EFL.


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The announcement of the commencement of the new season and the end of the previous season means that the matches will have to play behind closed doors keeping in mind the spike in the pandemic if social distancing is not maintained. August and Early September will see many pre-season games as test events as the planning of relaxation and restrictions.

With the dates confirmed for the commencement of the new season as of September 12th of 2020 and the end of this season to be May 8th/9th of 2021, the work for the fixture schedule is underway and will be announced in due course. But the latest messages from the government are great news for the fans of the football game that crowds could return to grounds by October.


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