krono polo helmetwe are clear that, with the growing popularity of polo, every day more followers are added to this sport, which for years has built a reputation of being associated with royalty and, today, little by little is played by people of all ages and from different countries.

It is normal that with the increase in fans the offer of sports equipment of various brands increases, but do you know what aspects to take into account when choosing, for example, your polo helmet?

Polo helmets are essential since they protect one of the most exposed and sensitive areas when playing polo. As we well know, taking care of the head requires a specialized team and materials, processes and engineering capable of providing the highest possible degree of safety, which is why, if you are thinking of acquiring or renewing your polo helmet for the first time, it is It is necessary that you consult and acquire one that not only has a cool and unique design, but also make sure that the helmet you choose has appropriate specifications and guarantees your health.

In many parts of the world, the official bodies and polo associations of each country have a criterion of rules and regulations to play polo in the different tournaments or activities organized by each body. One of the most common requirements is the mandatory use of the Polo Helmet by the players and, said helmet must be certified by each association who, in order to safeguard the health of the players, set parameters that test the sports equipment, in this case the polo helmet, seeking to demonstrate that the brand meets or does not meet the maximum objective of caring for the polo player’s health.

For example, Krono Polo polo helmets have the PAS 015: 2011 certification, which is issued by the HPA, the highest governing body of polo in England, this certification allows players from that country to play in different official events, in addition This certification is an endorsement to play in other sporting events around the world, functioning as a passport, which, due to the strictness of the standard, enables entry to tournaments and championships in multiple countries.

You can be sure that a Krono polo helmet will open the doors for you to play in different clubs, but the most important thing is that it will take maximum care of you. To fully understand the mechanism used by Krono, it is appropriate to mention the technology that it houses inside. The Krono Polo helmet is the first to be constructed in a honeycomb shape that helps to generate an ideal deformation zone in the event of a blow or coalition, achieving a behavior that absorbs the impact and absorbs it in such a way that it greatly reduces the probability of suffering. severe trauma.

On the other hand, the detachable visor and the combination of English or Argentine type choice, are a plus that differentiates Krono from the competition, not to mention other factors such as the three-point magnetic buckle and the rear adjuster that seek to provide the best accommodation. possible according to your morphology.

In addition, Krono has the option of customizing and customizing a polo helmet, starting its manufacture from scratch, in case the player so wishes. The customization option allows you to print your personal stamp on this implement on an already created polo helmet,

adding differentiating elements in color and design that seek to fit not only your body but also your essence. The option to create to measure, as its name indicates, seeks to fit perfectly in the measurements of the polo player’s head, thus guaranteeing a perfect fit that translates into comfort, safety and durability, this accompanied by the option of choosing a The polo player’s own taste the way the helmet will look aesthetically.

We know that the best polo helmet is not only the one that looks the best or the most expensive, it is the one that has been carefully elaborated throughout its manufacturing phase and where attention to detail seeks to make a difference. Krono has mixed engineering with design to bring to life an implement that is not only the best, but also unique.


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