Wheelchair charity to give freedom again

wheel chair

Some people in accidents and some due to birth complications become disabled. Their disability becomes the worst enemy to them. They cannot walk and lie in bed all time. Their families also consider the burden and become irritated. Pakistan and Azad Kashmir are under development. So, we aimed to help these country’s people. We do charity of wheelchairs. In this way, we can make their life easy with the help of a wheelchair. They can move from one place to another quickly. So, they can enjoy their life.

Confidence to live again:

We do charity of wheelchairs in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to give confidence to disabled so they can move. Charity of wheelchairs is a gift for disabling kids and others. They can go anywhere with your support and donation because now they can move.

Make life easy and moveable:

When we injure in hurt very minorly, we do not feel well, but they have to spend whole life. With the gift of wheelchairs, we are giving legs to people who walk like us. Some people are poor enough not to afford a wheelchair and live their life in bed and pass away. Moreover, our mission is to give them a chance to walk again to their favorite places. A wheelchair is a blessing for them.

Equal social rights:

In our society, disabled people do not enjoy equal rights. With your support and donation, we give them wheelchairs so they can move. They can go to school gaining education and contributing their positive role in development.

Freedom to move again:

Some people are educated and have skills. They are not disabled by birth. If we give them a wheelchair, they can restart their life. This way, we are giving them the means to live again with more passion.

Remove hurdles from way to success.

furthermore, they are disabled, but they have hearts and also have dreams about their future. We cannot remove their disability, but we can give them a wheelchair to overcome their disability and bring their dreams true.

Sports and contest 

Sports and contests arrange for disabled people they participate and earn fame. Wheelchairs are a gift for disabled people. It is not just a wheelchair. It is their life because if they can move, they can do anything. They can use their potential for sports, so we donate wheelchairs in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

increase their potential:

They are disabled, but they have God-gifted skills. We allow them to use their potential. We conduct a contest for them so show their talent to all. Sometimes they play better than us. Their disability cannot decrease their passion and determination. They can win the world. We give them wheelchairs, but we also work on their skills and education to better tomorrow.

Give new sunshine:

We create opportunities and help them to hunt opportunities for them. We do charity of wheelchairs with the help of your donations. Before they spend their whole life in bed but now, they can enjoy their life as others do. With wheelchairs, they can move on to go to school and gain education with proper education. They can become future doctor’s engineers because disability is nothing in front of hard-working passion and determination.

We cannot do it without your help, and please join our mission to give wheelchairs to needy people so they can live their life easily. Let’s make their life happy and easy together. We need your help; please donate your zakat and sadaqah with us. So with your help, we can change lives.