What Type of Door Material is The Best Internal Door In UK

If you’re planning to spruce up a room in your home, chances are torn between wood, steel, or even PVC as an internal door choice. With many materials to choose from, buying an internal door in the UK can be time-consuming especially if you’re not sure what to pick.

In order to help you make a choice, here’s a quick overview of the different types of door styles and the pros and cons of each door material.


Quick Recap of What Internal Doors

Interior doors, from its name alone, refer to the doors inside your home. These can be bedroom doors, bathroom doors, doors that lead to your kitchen, living room or dining room. In essence, it is any door within your house.


Purpose of Internal Doors

Doors are more than just entryways to various rooms in your home, it serves various purposes here are some of them:

  • give privacy especially in bedroom and comfort rooms
  • keep your home safe from outsiders and intruders
  • link various rooms in your home
  • act as a barrier against noise and other forms of disruption
  • help keep in the heat and the cold in your home
  • improve lighting and ventilation
  • separates different areas of your home
  • lastly, add aesthetics and value to your home (especially if you have wooden doors like oak)


What are the Different Types of Interior Doors

Internal doors in the UK come in many designs and structures. When deciding on what type of door to choose it’s important to  consider the design and the function you want to achieve with the door.


Types of Internal Doors

  • Single Doors – the most common type of door you’ll encounter. It usually comes in various designs below are some of most common ones:
    • Panel – the typical door style in most UK homes. Panel doors can come in different styles and materials. You can choose from a single panel, two panels, and four panels.


  • Flush – this type of door features a simplistic solid wood design made either solid, stave or hollow core.
  • Glazed – one of the most popular door styles for homeowners. These doors feature wood panel design with glass and can come in various designs.
  • Double Doors – the classic double door design comes in various styles from modern bypass doors to the traditional French doors.
  • Bi-fold Doors – unlike single or double doors, bi-fold doors take up less space since the panels fold sideways instead of outward or inward.
  • Pocket Doors – these doors take up very little space and are commonly used in small areas. Like bi-fold doors these open up sideways with the door panels going into the walls.
  • Sliding Doors – made of two glass panes encased in door frames. It opens by sliding sideward, with panels overlapping each other.


The Best Material for Internal Doors In UK

Interior doors can be made of various materials from wood to aluminium to glass. So, when deciding what type of door to buy it’s good to weigh the pros and cons of each material.


Steel Doors

 Pros of Steel

  • highly durable
  • resistant to rust
  • has insulating properties
  • low maintenance

Cons of Steel

  • susceptible to denting
  • expensive compared to other door varieties
  • hard to upgrade if you’re planning to upgrade/remodel something


Aluminum Doors

 Pros of Aluminum

  • easy to clean & maintain
  • very durable
  • can withstand different weather conditions

Cons of Aluminum

  • expensive compared to other wood types like wood and PVC
  • stains easily especially in areas where there are constant rain
  • needs experienced technicians to install and repair


 Doors PVC


Pros of PVC Doors

  • very easy to maintain
  • does not stain
  • well insulated
  • cheaper than most doors


Cons of PVC Doors

  • looks plain and hard to blend in with different designs
  • hard to customize once the door has been finished
  • very hard to change door knobs or locks
  • not environmentally friendly since it’s made from plastic



Wood Doors

Pros of Wood

  • lots of price variety from cheap to expensive
  • good insulation
  • very secure (particularly solid wood doors)
  • very durable (can last for decades)
  • beats other doors when it comes to aesthetics
  • easy to customize and replace


Cons of Wood

  • need maintenance in order to be weatherproof
  • can warp is not taken cared of properly
  • expensive if you buy the solid hardwood doors


Why Wood Doors Are Still The Popular Choice


Wood doors despite the maintenance need are beautiful to look at which is a big determining factor why homeowners across the country still pick wood above other materials. The benefits of wood such as high durability, good insulation and customizability make it a great choice of interior doors.


Your Choice

With many choices to pick from, it’s best to weigh the pros and cons before buying any door. To take into consideration things like budget, room or home location, expected daily use etc. The right selection can make the difference between having a durable working door to one that needs constant repair.