What To Look For When Buying Bed Bedding For Your Kids

As the UK recommends that newborn babies sleep in their parent’s room for at least the first 6 months to reduce the likelihood of SIDS, Moses Baskets is often a preferred option of new baby nursery bedding. They’re a small, easier alternative to a full cot and are even lightweight and easily portable enough to carried round the home, so that your baby can nap happily in any room you want. But are they the safest and most comfortable? In this article we will look at the main benefits of a Moses basket for your baby, as well as a few tips on how to make them even more attractive and enjoyable for your precious little one!

Firstly, what exactly is a Moses Basket? Quite simply it’s a high quality cotton mattress topper which wraps around a high quality base. Often these pads are topped with colourful throw pillows, making your nursery look much more stylish! The best feature is that they are made from very soft cotton which means your babies initial comfort thanks to the gentle surface, and then your baby can happily curl up for a good night’s sleep in style.

One of the main advantages of a Moses basket pad is that it prevents your baby from getting too hot or uncomfortable when sleeping. Moses Baskets are designed to move around individually, ensuring each pad is kept away from your precious sleeping child. This means your baby will not suffocate in their crib if they happen to roll on to their stomach, for example. If you have a conventional cot, you’ll know how hard it can be to stop your kids rolling on to their stomach, simply by keeping their legs in contact with the mattress. With a Moses basket they have been designed to move around individually, keeping your child safe as they sleep.

Another great advantage of a Moses Basket is that you can decorate it with a beautiful quilt or comforter which you can shift around as you please. Because the basket is designed to move around, you can move it around so you can make it more stylish at the same time. This is great for when mum wants to change the style of the Moses basket. She can easily change the colour and style of the liner so it matches the rest of her room, keeping your baby looking stylish.

The traditional material used for making a Moses Basket is wicker, and although you can buy more modern designs, a wicker frame will ensure the pad is very sturdy. Because this type of frame is usually made from real wicker, it has been able to become very affordable. The frames are available in different solid colours, or you could choose one which has been decorated with beads and lace.

A Moses Basket can be used in many different ways, both inside and outside the home. By using it in your bedroom, you can make it look very cosy and stylish, and you won’t need to purchase any additional bedding to make it look even more appealing. As with most wicker furniture, you can find them at excellent prices, making it worth every penny. With this in mind, you really can’t go wrong with a Moses basket.