What to do if you are harassed by unknown numbers?

In this digital age where everything ad everyone seems connected with each other via technology, inconsistencies, and problems still persists. Take for example your mobile phone, it is great equipment, it serves you well by keeping you in touch and updated with your relatives, friends, and work associates but still, you are bombarded with all the unknown phone numbers, people calling whom you don’t know and vice versa. The problem isn’t that someone called you and you happened not to know the person, it is random but common and it can happen to anyone.

Where problem persists?

People dial in the wrong numbers all the time, but the problem begins when that certain someone continues to call you on intent even after being told several times by you that you don’t know them or want them calling you anymore. It is a type of bullying and harassment which many people fall victim to every passing day. For many individuals, they have their fill of anger and stressfulness at work and when they come home, they have to deal with this frustrating issue too. This kind of behavior should never be tolerated and must be resisted completely. However, what can you do with it? If you want to find out whose number is this calling me then you must take on the following to-do list;


Block their phone number

Every mobile phone comes with an inside feature of call blocking, this way you can put the numbers whom you don’t want to see calling you in there. The mobile device would automatically intercept the number when the call comes in from that person and you will not see a notification, so problem solved!

Stop paying attention

When you stop paying attention to something it loses its power, the same goes here. If you would not attend to what the other person or harasser has to say on the other side of the line then you wouldn’t be caring about them as much, which is good to be able to move forward.

Retrieve mobile number details

This path should only be trodden on when things start getting a little out of hand or you think the situation has escalated. If the person who has been calling you starts getting on the wrong side of the wheel such as harassing you or blackmailing you or saying that they will continue with this kind of behavior no matter what. Then, the first line of defense would be to take matters into your hand and try to find out whatever you can about this masked caller by putting their number in a software system that can help you with call and phone number detection. There are plenty of software systems out there that can help you.

This will help you to disclose certain information about the caller such as their name, address, and what telecommunication career they are using. This could maybe get you a major breakthrough at solving matters urgently rather than going through enough trouble with keeping up with their actions.