What is the procedure of posting content on Instagram?

You should know that Instagram has over 1 billion active users. It even gets better as the recent acquisition of the social media networks by Facebook has also increased the popularity of the social media platform.  With the popularity of Instagram, many powerlikes marketers have resorted to using the social media platform for marketing.  You will also have the Instagram application to enable you use Instagram over your mobile. That said, how would you create excellent content on Instagram?

Begin creating content by taping the + button on Instagram.

To begin creating content you will have to tap the +icon at the bottom of your screen. The good news is that you will be able to see the Plus sign button in the Instagram application. That should be your starting point of posting. You should also note that after you create your plus sign, you would also be redirected to your next step. The next step will need you to select a photo as well as video from your library.  If you do not want to select, you can as well shoot one in the mobile application.  Instagram will show you all the available photos as well as videos on your phone. You will just have to pick the photo you love.

 You will need to crop the image.

You should note that you will not just be limited to just a square images but you will have the opportunity of posting horizontal as well as vertica linstagram likes app images. If you want to get more of your image visible, you will need to pinch the screen of your photo you choose from the library screen.  Even so, you should note that while Instagram will allow horizontal as well as vertical images, they would still need to fit in some specific dimensions.  It will mean that you will have to crop your photo to a tiny bit in order to get it to fit.  The good news is that you will get an opportunity to also try the carousel posts. With the carousel posts feature you will be able to share multiple photos in one form factor.

You can enhance your photos by picking a filter.

After you have selected your photos, Instagram will provide you with an opportunity of enhancing them through using filters.  The site offers up to 24 filters. You can therefore scroll to the right to peruse the filters that will be more appealing.  The good news is that Instagram offers an excellent guide for filters.  You can use the guide to learn more on the better ways of using Instagram. Other things you can do is to edit your photos, type a caption, tag friends, and use hashtags  to gain more visibility.

In conclusion, you will need to post more content on Instagram to create the much-needed visibility. When creating content make sure to use powerlikes instagram filters, crop the image, and set everything as needed.  Doing this will enable you to use Instagram for social media marketing, and more.