5 Ways to Promote Mental Health Wellness at Workplace with Employee Assistance Program

Ways to Promote Mental Health Wellness at Workplace

A human mind’s productivity depends upon its health and the level of stress it can bear. The increasing amount of stress that incorporates in corporate offices and workplaces leads to an excessive burden on the employees. More often than not, this aspect is overlooked as employers try to pressurise underperforming staff more and more during their difficult time. However, the poor mental health of the workers can be a financial strain for the company as the resources are not producing 100 per cent output. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to help companies overcome this situation by allowing them to promote mental health wellness in the workplace. 

To make the employees work at their best and be highly productive at workplaces, try availing the employee assistance program from Incontact. The program is an interactive intervention program that helps the employees come up with their personal problems that are impacting their performance in the office. Understanding how this therapy can help promote mental health wellness at the workplace is what can make a difference. 

Distress and mental health issues can cause deterioration in the productivity of an employee. 

Ways to Use Employee Assistance Program 

Employee Assistance Programs are highly effective and useful in maintaining a positive decorum and mental health program in workplaces. EAP consultancy services and programs provide customised resources and confidential support to the employees. Corporate firm owners and employers can hire these services to help their workers perform in harmony. 

Plan the EAP Structure 

The EAP structure is a systematic psychological program that works and helps in understanding the triggering mental pressure of employees to aid their consciousness. One of the easiest ways of promoting mental health awareness is using the EAP structure to plan the work atmosphere. The rigid and strong foundation of a company in this competitive market can create and stimulate a negative work environment without the authorities realising it! Planning the dos and don’ts with EAP will allow the workers to understand their mental health in a positive manner.

Fix the EAP Budget     

Several service providers in the country offer the employee assistance program given the increasing pressure has been a point of concern. However, the therapy varies from one company to another and depends upon the size of the batch. Small companies might include 50 workers in the program, while the large ones may use it for everyone. One of the effective ways is to plan the budget and hire the best in the field. Companies like Incontact have been highly successful in promoting mental health awareness in offices and outside them. Hire one such under budget and effective service provider to use the employee assistance program. 

Organise EAP Sessions

Organising the EAP sessions successfully is also a tactful task. Experienced service providers know how to handle large batches of workers. However, it is also important to build a strong batch that consists of the workers who have been experiencing downfall for a long time. Employee assistance programs are also beneficial in making a healthy bond among the co-workers which in turn yields effective teamwork. Therefore, organising efficient mental health programs is the need of the hour for employers who observe distress in the work environment. 

Making the Employees Understand the Program 

Most of the employees are unaware of the employee assistance program as they do not have the basic idea of mental health awareness campaigns. Employees who understand their situation and position in the company are well ahead of their league and know what to perform and how to cope up with the pressure. But if the mental pressure increases too much, it can be vital to opt for an employee assistance program. 

Use Informal or Formal Approach

There can be various ways to pursue mental health awareness programs. Employers can either use the informal approach where the peers and family members of the employees are informed about the distress and condition they are facing. This approach is not much in use as most of the employers wish to keep things confined in their office rather than letting them out to the world. 

Formal programs are more in use and effective when it comes to mental health awareness campaigns in offices. Employers are also in agreement with the way it leads and conducts in the environment. More and more people are engaging in employee assistance programs to help their workers in overcoming the mental pressure that is leading to deterioration in their condition. 

EAP discussions and therapies are highly useful and effective in building a strong foundation of mental health wellness among the workers. With the right motivation, guidance and assistance, workers can get over their mental stress and improve their performance all over again. It is the responsibility and duty of the employers to ensure that their resources are delivering optimum output and results. After all, without the brain being fit and healthy, we cannot expect to work peacefully!