What is the market size and growth rate of the Fiber Based Packaging market?

Corrugated Boxes Publicized as Backbone for U.S. Essential Industries During COVID-19 Crisis

Companies in the fiber based packaging market are taking additional efforts to keep transport packaging flowing to support stakeholders in food, medical, and other essential industries during the COVID-19 crisis. Tissue, hygiene, and pharmaceutical products have triggered the demand for corrugated box packaging. Manufacturers in the fiber based packaging market are expected to follow the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The box industry continues to operate and deliver needed packaging to end use customers linked with grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies, and the food industry, among others. Corrugated cardboard packaging is emerging as the backbone for the U.S. supply chain.

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Asia Fiber Based Packaging Industry Overview, Analysis, Opportunities, Forecast : Ken Research

New Product Functionality of Corrugated Cardboard Necessary

The fiber based packaging market is predicted to grow at a modest CAGR of 3.6% during the assessment period. This is explained since certain materials used in packaging may not be eligible for recycling. For instance, boxboard is recyclable, but the same material used for packaging beer and frozen food may not be recyclable, as they are often waxed for refrigeration. Hence, manufacturers need to boost their R&D capabilities to develop easily recyclable materials that support frozen food, beer, and soda packaging.

Reinventing corrugated cardboard has become the need of the hour in the fiber based packaging market. Thus, manufacturers are working closely with producers to target new and improved product functionality.

High Capital Investments Prevent Innovations in Corrugated Box Packaging

Corrugated boxes are anticipated to dictate the highest share among all packaging types in the fiber based packaging market. However, ensuring innovations in corrugated boxes is a capital-intensive strategy for the already expensive supply chains, thus preventing development of new materials. Hence, manufacturers are boosting their research efforts and establishing close interactions with product manufacturers in the food, beverages, personal care, and eCommerce industries to steer innovations in corrugated box materials.

Small entrepreneurs such as GreenBox are gaining recognition in the fiber based packaging market for their innovative designs in existing corrugated boxes to create value proposition for stakeholders in the value chain. As such, reusable plastic containers are posing a threat to corrugates box sales.

Indian Kraft Paper Manufacturers Innovate in Mobile Apps for Transparency in Business

Companies in the fiber based packaging market are developing new apps to ensure transparency in business operations. S N Paper Co. based in Delhi, India, has developed a mobile app to help its clients place orders online and track the orders for deliveries. The Digital India movement is benefitting app developers who are allowing customers to check rates of materials in real-time, check updated statements, and receive rate change information via SMS. Kraft paper manufacturers are taking cues from such companies to introduce new technologies in the market landscape.

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Transparency and fast delivery of kraft paper packaging have become crucial to gain a competitive edge between wholesalers and retailers. Companies in the fiber based packaging market are addressing challenges of customers for difficulty in purchasing inventory with the help of mobile apps that give real-time information.

Securing Patents in Enzyme Pulping Processes Enables Development of Eco-friendly Molded Pulp Materials

Highly efficient manufacturing equipment are increasing production levels in the fiber based packaging market. Deluxe— a specialist in eco-friendly sustainable development is providing designing plans and technology for the blowdown systems meant for molded pulp. Better equipment ensures better capacity, efficiency, and quality in molded pulp packaging products. Companies in the fiber based packaging market are seeking design, planning, and technical support from consultant firms to manage pulp providing equipment and sewage treatment.

Manufacturers are taking efforts to gain patent in enzyme pulping processes to develop eco-friendly molded pulp materials. They are setting new production targets with eco-friendly molded pulp materials to boost their credibility.