What is Test and Tagging in AU

What is Test and Tagging in AU

Test and Tagging in AU

If you work in any type of workplace that utilizes any kind of electrical equipment, there is a very good chance that you have heard of something known as a ‘test and tag’.  And if you have never heard of a test and tag, it is going to be the process of checking out electrical equipment that is used within the workplace, the ultimate goal being to make sure that the electrical equipment in question is going to be safe for all employees and anybody else to use.  Here is everything that you need to know about what test and tagging is, as well as why it is important.

What is a Test and Tag?

When it comes to electrical testing & tagging services, it is actually going to be a generic name that is given to the job of actually going in and visually inspecting, and then testing the electrical equipment to make sure that the device being tested is safe for people in the workplace to use.  Colloquially, it has become much more common to refer to this entire process as tagging, test and tag, test tag, appliance testing, electrical tagging, lead tagging, or even portable appliance testing.

What is the Purpose of a Test and Tag?

When it comes to test and tagging, the main purpose is to determine whether or not an appliance is electrically safe for use by anybody who may need to use it.  With that being said, during a test and tag service, the electrical appliance is going to undergo a complete visual inspection to identify any potential defects that may be present (which can include things such as damages or any components that may be missing), which will then be followed by a variety of different electrical tests that will measure the amount of earth continuity, polarity, and insulation resistance.

The test and tag service is going to be very important to make sure that all of the electrical appliances that are used in the workplace are in optimal working condition, meaning that they are going to be safe for all potential users.

While test and tag services are normally restricted to the workplace, there are also going to be many circumstances where you will want to have a test and tag service done in your home as well.  While there are dozens of workplace related deaths every single year that is caused by electrocution from faulty electrical appliances, there are also many serious injuries and even destructive fires that occur as well.  While that is a shocking fact within itself, the stats when it comes to the home are even more shocking.

With that being said, no matter whether or not you are in the workplace or in your home, most of these accidents are easily avoidable when you are able to get a test and tag service completed on a regular basis.

When it comes to safety in the workplace and in your home, you are going to want to make sure that you utilize the test and tagging process in order to make sure that there are no electrical appliances that are able to cause you any potential harm.