Converting over file formats from one to another can be a hassle, mainly when you don’t know which tools to utilize and get. While there are around a considerable number of file conversion software, sites, and applications that you can get on the web, one can’t ensure if the software they got is dependable, until they put it to test.

One of the most trustworthy PDF converter, editor, merger, and viewer you can get in the market is PDFbear. In this article, you will get an idea of this converter and how it will help your file conversion easier.

What Is PDFBear

PDFbear is one of the converters that you can use for all your conversion needs. Regardless of whether you need to convert JPG to PDF file, Excel, Powerpoint, or other document formats or the other way around, PDFbear has all the best tools and highlights that you can utilize whenever and anywhere.

The conversion process is additionally quick and efficient. Not like all other sites, PDFbear changes over files to PDF and the other way around in not more than minutes, depending upon how large the document is.

The process of converting a jpg to the pdf file is easy when using the pdfbear site. All you need is four simple steps: select, upload, convert, and download. Select a JPG document from your cloud storage or PC and drag it to PDFbear’s site. When done, the site will right away convert your JPG document to PDF.

What Are Its Key Features

Most people would look for a converter that they think would meet their needs and expectations. Perhaps the top reasons behind why to trust PDFbear with your PDF and other file conversions are due to its tools and new sets of features. Here are just a few of them.

Fast and Simple Conversion

Unlike other software, you can effortlessly access the site, without even the need to download the software for you to utilize its full tools and features. Simply drag or transfer the JPG image into the place to convert your PDF file. You can also use this conversion website during rush hours.

SSL Encryption

PDFbear gives high regard when it comes to the privacy of their user’s records. They are proud of themselves as they utilize the most up to date innovation and SSL encryption. They can, in this way, guarantee your photo to PDF conversion will be uploaded and kept with ease.

All Tools In One

The site also features its tools that help a wide range of conversions. Regardless of whether it’s a photo or a document file, PDFbear will consistently have the perfect conversion choice for you. The site can deal with a wide range of file formats without issues, making it reliable.

Worldwide Access

In the event that you are outside the country or in the midst of a vacation, but have to watch your files, you can easily convert your files and 100% free using the PDFbear converter. Not to mention no offline software is needed to use their service.

Supports Other Platforms

You can openly utilize this JPG to PDF tool using your laptop, PC, or mobile device. It will be perfect with Mac, Windows, and your mobile operating system, including Android without hassle and worries.


Converting over JPG to PDF has never been as simple, particularly when you have PDFbear to carry out the responsibility. With its wide assortment of features and tools, you will never need to try other conversion sites it is because PDFbear has everything that you need.