What Is ClickFunnels Platinum Exactly?


For all those who don’t have to manage many tasks of a business, ClickFunnels are the best solution. It can achieve a few things in a single software setup. ClickFunnels are helpful in quickly building pro-quality landing pages either its a simple static one to show the information or a dynamic one to sell the products or perform any customized action you want. Within the ClickFunnel dashboard, you can also create your potential audience list and reach out to them through emails, texts, and any other targeting channels. Along with targeting the old customers, you can also plan strategies to target new customers and execute the plan through ClickFunnels. Not just the ones mentioned above, but these are useful in performing many tailor-made tasks for you within no time.

There are several service providers in the market for these, but finding a reliable and resourceful one is tough. If you’re too someone who requires the best ClickFunnel, you’re at the right place. Hustle life provided the best services to its customers and gained the best reviews out of them. There are several plans available to serve each kind of customer in ClickFunnels and Etison Suite is one of the grand plans among them. Recently, on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary, ClickFunnel announced a rebranded version on Etison Suite, which is ClickFunnel Platinum. Want to know more details about it? Read through and find out:

ClickFunnel Platinum:

As mentioned earlier, ClickFunnel has rebranded its one of renowned plans, Etison Suite, and released it recently. If you’re already an existing member of Etison Suite, you might have already seen the upgrade of Platinum as it’s automatically changed through the platform. Here are some uses of the ClickFunnel Platinum:

  • Unlimited Funnels: Usually, when you purchase a plan, you’ll be able to use only a few funnels like website creation, email marketing, social media management, etc. But when it comes to ClickFunnel Platinum, you’ll be given access to unlimited funnels so that you can use it to the fullest.
  • Unlimited Visitors: Some plan charges based on the number of visitors that can bring to your website. Upon reaching that limit, the plan will automatically stop working. But when it comes to Platinum, you can let any number of users visit your website.
  • Daily Virtual Hackathons: If you’re interested in creating more funnels on your own than the existing ones, the new platinum program can interest you. The current upgrade is providing virtual classes through the dashboard to create several new funnels like Summit funnels, Challenge funnel, Survey funnels, Webinar funnels, and High ticket funnels. You can see the notifications about the same and join the hackathon to learn further. The idea is to bring more various funnels to the hand and let the users explore multiple options. Pretty fun. Huh.
  • Funnel Flix: You can call this the Netflix of Business Training. You can find several videos on Business planning, execution, problem-solving, marketing, team management, etc. streaming on Funnel Flic, and you can access them anytime you want. You can access this either through your dashboard or through the link http://members.funnelflix.com. Through Funnel Flix, you can access 4 tabs at a time. 
  • The Funnel Hacker Forum: As we all know, hackers will always find a new way to get into the primary resources without paying for them. As of today, there was news that 20 million people are using ClickFunnels, where the actual paid resources are 9.5 million. When many people are paying to use these resources, it’s on the downside to seeing the hackers using these features without any payments. That’s the reason The Funnel Hacker Forum is created where only official members are listed to discuss further.

Conclusion: The Platinum plan of ClickFunnels is giving many features within just $297 per month. If you consider all the charges for web development, maintenance, email marketing, data to find all these emails and contacts, and so many other things and different people to maintain each of them, the cost will go upto thousands of dollars, and many various sites can be just confusing. So having a ClickFunnel under your eye, all at once. So, choose wisely. Choose ClickFunnel Platinum.