What Does Rhinoplasty Could Do To Your Lifestyle?


Rhinoplasty – It is necessary in cases of medical emergencies like improving breathing apart from the need of changing the shape! So it completely depends upon you. If you are a candidate for the surgery, the surgeon will first keep a customized plan. The upper part of your nose is bone, and the lower part is cartilage. And you can ask for a change in the bone, cartilage, and even skin. So yes, it differs from person to person. So before getting started, the surgeon will check over the other facial features you are having.

Getting Started For Rhinoplasty:

Before going to prepare for one surgery, you have to make a personal meeting with the surgeon. It is to check if the rhinoplasty will work for you or not!

It consists of,

  • Checking the medical history of yours
  • A small discussion to note down your expectations
  • A physical check-up
  • Taking photographs

Deciding for surgery is a big decision that you will be taking, yes! Because it is going to change your appearance and also the way of lifestyle.

Processing For Rhinoplasty:

Going through medical history is for those candidates who have conditions like haemophilia, and they are not the right candidate. So the doctor will sit down with you to discuss the motivations and goals that led you to decide on the surgery. Also, the doctor will enquire about the past surgeries you have done on your nose to avoid complications.

The next thing to be done here is a small physical examination. In that, the doctor will check out the inside and outside features of your nose. It will help the doctor note the thickness of your skin, the strength of cartilage, and so on. So the doctor can decide what all kinds of changes or improvements to be done enough not to affect your breathing function.

While taking photographs of your facial features and nose from a different angle, the doctor will check out some computer software. It will help the candidate agree with the kind of changes needed because the software will be capable of showing the results after making the changes.

Do’s And Don’ts After The Surgery:

  • You have to take very good care while you are brushing. Brush gently in a way not by moving your upper lip.
  • You cannot express your emotions that deeply, like smiling and crying for some time.
  • Avoid activities that are like jogging.
  • Avoid blowing your nose
  • Do not wear clothes through the face by pulling down your head.
  • Do not make changes to having constipation. Eat more fibre content.

It is amazing how the slightest changes on your nose could make a large difference in your appearance. Yes, while the looks are gone different, keep in mind that it is just a difference of millimetres you have changed with the surgery. However, in most cases, the surgeon and the candidate are satisfied with the rhinoplasty they have done.

While in some cases, they have to opt for a second surgery to make it more perfect. Rhinoplasty is not a simple procedure or surgery. It is a very challenging operation that is to be done. Because your nose is a 3D object and is placed in the centre of the face, so you can only make slight changes over your nose. But those changes can turn your breathing issue get solved and the way you wanted to look as well.



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