One of the smartest moves you ever made was calling the team at Penguin Basements and arranging to have the basement finished and waterproofed. What was essentially useless space now provides room for all sorts of uses. How will you make the most of that space? Consider these four suggestions and what they could mean for you and your family.

Use It as a Family Game Room

Your family enjoys a wide range of games. Some of them are digital while others are video games. There are also plenty of old-fashioned board and card games to play. Wouldn’t it be nice to have space set aside that’s always ready for a round of whatever game you want to play?

The basement can be ideal for this function. It’s easy enough to set up screens, tables, chairs, and other essentials that make playing all sorts of games easy. Remember to include plenty of light in the space. If you like, a refrigerator and microwave oven to house beverages and snacks would be a nice touch.

Set Up a Guest Bedroom Suite

You’re not crazy about weekend company having to sleep on the sofa. It’s also not great when one of the kids has to give up a bedroom and bunk with a sibling. Now that you have some additional space, why not use it to create a suite that visitors can put to good use?

Outfit the basement with lighting and other essentials. Choose colors that help to brighten the space while also conveying a sense of being cozy and comfortable. If you like, add a small bathroom to the space. You can bet that your weekend guests will prefer this to what you were able to offer in the past.

Make It Into a Workshop or Craft Room

How many times did you have some sort of project going on in the dining room and had to shove it all in the closet because company was coming? Along with being stressful, this also means you have to sort everything out again once the guests are gone.

After the Penguin Basement renovation company is done, consider setting up the basement as a workshop or craft room. The right types of tables, chairs, and cabinetry for storage will mean everything is organized and on hand when you need it. Best of all, no one has to see your works in progress. If company shows up, close the basement door and enjoy the visit.

Basements Make Perfect Home Offices

Home offices are typically spaces set aside to concentrate on important tasks. It may be paying this month’s bills, going over documents for tax returns, or completing homework assignments. It can also be space set aside to work on your part-time home business.

A basement is the ideal setting for a home office. It’s removed from the main part of the house, which means less noise and foot traffic. You can concentrate and get more done in a shorter amount of time. That allows you to get back to enjoying time spent with other family members.

The uses for a finished basement are only limited by the homeowner’s imagination. Consider something you do regularly and need space dedicated to that activity. You may find that the basement is the ideal spot for that purpose.