What are the practical difficulties in acquiring followers organically on Instagram?

It is advisable to buy Instagram likes cheap along with followers as you would face the following difficulties when looking to acquire them organically.

    • If you think practically, you can conclude that only the content that is of high quality would get attention among the viewers in this content-filled platform of Instagram. As you are not doing anything promotional, you have to make your content informative enough to grab the attention of people. They should get to your account to know about something. If you can create that much informative content, you can see a drastic increase in the follower-base with some time. However, you could find it difficult to create highly informative content for a long time.
    • Once you feel like you could not create highly informative content consistently, you can think of creating hilarious and entertaining versions of them. Both information and entertainment play an equal role on social media. So, you can also get some attention in this route. However, you will not find anything easy in the creation of entertaining content. You would have to put the same effort you showed into creating informative content.

  • Another major drawback of inconsistent content creation on Instagram profiles would be the difficulty in acquiring followers by posting content that has nothing to do with their interests. Let us assume that you are running a business and have to post content relevant to your business. However, this area could be something out of the interests of common people until they require the product much. So, they would not think of following your account till they need it. Hence, there would be a necessity to move out of your niche and think of posting content that would grab the attention of common people. You should make them follow your account through irrelevant posts at times. Some people will not find it easy to create content that is not in their niche.
  • Self-promotion is vital in the initial stages of your account creation. Nobody out there would know your existence on this platform in the initial days. So, you have to reach out to them by yourself and talk about your content and business. It will be a tedious process to acquire followers through manual promotion. If you could communicate with people whom you do not know personally, you can try to acquire followers this way. However, there is no surety that you will acquire followers if you reach them personally. Also, it could take a lot of time.
  • If you have to build your follower base, you have to show consistency with your content uploads. Whether you have time or not or you love to do it or not, you have to keep on posting something that will keep your followers engaged and get you, new followers, at times. If you do not do so, your account will not come to the eyes of people in your zone, and you will end up getting no new followers.