What are the different types of weed available in the market?

What is a weed?

A weed is a name given to an undesirable plant that grows in unwanted areas such as gardens, lawns, etc. But in practice, the name has related to Marijuana or a hemp plant. People used to call Marijuana, weed. So, in our case, weed means a flowering top of Marijuana or hemp plant that provides mental alterations and some medical benefits. Both Marijuana and hemp plants are from the Cannabis species. The female Cannabis plants have a high content of cannabinoids like THC that provides a high feel after the intake. The higher the amount of THC, the greater will be your mood alterations. Apart from THC, CBD will also be a component that does not provide high but will give relaxation to the body along with other health benefits. Weed is also considered as a tobacco product, and it is banned in some countries. In most of the countries, there are no restrictions on the use of weed in adequate quantities as it has some health benefits also. You can easily Buy Weed Online through various websites available. However, it is advisable to be careful while selecting a reliable provider. Although weed has some side effects in the human body, you can stay away from those effects if you what they are and how much intake will be safer. As Cannabis is a species with varieties of plants, there are several types of weed available. In this article, let us discuss some of these types of weed or Cannabis plants.

Types of weed

Cannabis Indica – Cannabis Indica is a strong weed. It originated from the Hind Kush regions, a mountainous and cold region of Afghanistan. Because of the climatic conditions of the origin, the plants will be shorter and bush-like structure. It will have a high amount of THC when compared to CBD so that the high will be greater.

Cannabis Sativa – Cannabis Sativa is the opposite of Indica in terms of origin. It comes from the warmer regions of Mexico and South Africa. These plants will grow longer and taller. The flowering will take place only under certain lighting conditions where there are eleven hours of darkness. Compared to Indica, Sativa plants will have lower THC content and higher CBD content. Hence, it will not provide mood alterations or high. Because of the high CBD content, Sativa plants are used in the manufacture of medical Marijuana or weed.

Hybrid – As in the cases of all other items in the world, some Cannabis products are also hybrid. The seeds of both Cannabis species will be there to produce a product with the benefits of both plants.

Ruderalis – Apart from the above two strains, there is another type of weed named Ruderalis. It will be a smaller plant with low levels of THC compared to the other Cannabis plants. Because of low levels of THC, this type of weed will be there in medical actions rather than recreational use.