As people are becoming aware of the dangers of cigarette smoke, other options are fast becoming popular n the world today.  One of these is vaping.  It has become an instant replacement for cigarette smoking for others.  A dab rig is unlike bong and pipes, this method is not going to use fire on anything.  T uses a nail that is heated with a torch, where a concentrated extract of cannabis is being dabbed onto it.

Pros And Cons Of Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are very useful in our lives, especially, those who are giving up on smoking cigarettes.  This will be a good alternative.  However, it also has it’s own pros and cons.  Here are the following:

  • Convenience- This equipment can be used conveniently, wherever you want it, you can do it.
  • Safety- In everything, safety is of utmost importance. Dab rigs are well designed with safety in mind.
  • The style- This thing is also considered as a work of art by many of its users. Just like the other smoking devices, there are several styles to choose from in this device.  You can be creative in mixing and matching the components, to be able to achieve your design.
  • The only problem here is when you will be able to buy a poorly made rig and so with a bad design nail. This will result to waste in concentrates.  This is caused by the nail, becoming too hot.
  • The only remedy to avoid this is to make sure you get the best rig device in the market. Don’t go for the cheap, but, will compromise your satisfaction.

Safety Tips In The Use Of Dab Rigs

  • Be careful when you light the nail with your torch- You should use a small torch if possible. Please be careful not to overheat the nail.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of your rig- Like every device, cleaning your rig regularly will prolong its usage. The album that was accumulated will cause clogging and overheating of the device.
  • Use quality concentrates- This is important to avoid accumulating residual solvents.

Risk In Using Dab Rigs

 One possible thing that can happen is burning.  This is possible when the nail you are using is domeless, which allows exposure to the heating element.

These devices along with bongs and spoon pipes are available in many online stores worldwide.  You can also avail of these at Cloud Chasers.  They everything you need about smoking devices.

Designs Of Bong

Bongs are becoming very popular now, with many smokers all over the world.  Now, that smoking is being

Finding The Best Dealers Of Bongs, CBD And Spoon Pipes

Bong and spoon pipes are both smoking instrument that is becoming popular with many people in this generation. It’s just like CBD that is always sought for by customers, because people believed that it has health benefits for its users.  However, the problem lies on, where to buy these products?

Here Is How To Find The Best Dealers

  • Ask for referrals- there are many people, who may have tried this thing before. They can be a good source of information. I’m sure they will be glad to share with you their experiences about a certain company or product.  You can get it from them.
  • You can search it online- The internet is full of information about everything. Try to search and surely you will get hundreds of results.  However, this could be confusing as these are not all legit companies.  Some of these companies can be a scam.
  • Make a short list- shorten your list based on their website. Those sites that are poorly designed and no good contents are possibly a nuisance. Just ignore.  Go for those sites that are well designed and with good contents.  It shows that the company has delivered.
  • Check and read reviews on line- reviews are a good help in this kind of task. These are written by customers, based on their experiences of a product and a company.  Just make sure that the review is not bias.
  • Once you have done the short list, initiate contact- This is important, to be able to filter them more. Good companies will always invest for a good customer service.  You can determine their consistency the way they answer your questions.
  • Consider the price- compare their rates and their packages. Include any discounts and promos.  But, don’t forget not to compromise the quality of the product.  Include in your inquiry the payment options, time of delivery and their return policy.
  • You can also ask for their past customers- a good company will always be proud to announce their past customers. They should be confident that these people will share good things about their services.
  • Go ahead with the deal- after you have settled for all the steps, you can go ahead and pay. Make sure to get their contact details for follow-up purposes.


These are just basic steps to follow, to make sure of a good buy of the mentioned products.  Cloud Chasers is one company, who has been in the business for a time now.  You can try them too.



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