Ways To Prepare Older Siblings For The Arrival Of Newborn

Arrival Of Newborn

When there is an arrival of a baby, this family addition will impact all the family members’ lives.  Every family member will inevitably have added responsibilities and the family dynamics willchange as well.  This includes the newborn’s older sibling even if the older sibling is just a toddler.  The older sibling will have new responsibilities arising from his new role, either as the big brother or big sister.  The change in the family dynamics will impact the older sibling’s current lifestyle.  For example, the parents will need to spend more time looking after the newborn.  This also results in their increased attention towards the newborn.  The older sibling may feel slighted or mistreated because of the parents’ actions, not fully understanding that the parents’ love and concern has not decreased, though time and attention on the older sibling is decreased.

Therefore, it is imperative that before the newborn’s arrival, parents spend time to bring awareness and share more with the older sibling about the impact on the older sibling’s life and the adjustments he need to make, after the arrival of the newborn.  The parents should also let the older sibling know that their love for the older sibling stays the same and explain why they need to spend more time and attention on the older sibling.

Before the newborn’s arrival, the parents should also shop around for big brother or big sister gift and present this gift to the older sibling when the baby arrives.  With this gift, the older sibling will feel welcomed by the baby and the relationship between the siblings will grow closer.  In addition, the older sibling will feel more receptive towards the little one and is eager to play the big sibling role and help the parents take care of the baby.

There are several popular big sibling gifts that parents can consider and some suggested big brother gift ideas are:

Art and Craft Subscription Box

For the big brother who is creative and loves doing art and craft, giving him a big brother gift such as art and craft subscription box is ideal.  It will be good to purchase at least 3 month’s subscriptionso that the big brother has something to look forward every month while adjusting to life with a new family addition.  It is also a good way to keep him occupied while the parents tend to the baby.

Big Brother Little Brother or Little Sister Matching Outfit

When the newborn gives a matching outfit to the big brother, he will feel that this gift is a message to him, that that they are a tag team.  They will be playing and sharing fun and laughter together as the newborn grows up.  When they wear the matching outfit together, he will also feel closer to the newborn.

This also makes great family photos,creating memorable photos for the family.

With adequate sharing session with the older sibling and a big brother gift, we are sure that the older brother will be happy to have a younger sibling.