VPN, what is it?

The use of smart phones and computers around the globe has increased massively over the past ten years. The internet has proven a very useful invention considering the very many things one can do online. Too much time on the internet however makes you susceptible to attacks by hackers and fishers. Online crime like cyber bullying have forced users to be more conversant especially with their IP addresses. Whenever you need to use the internet, VPN can be relevant in helping secure your activities online. Public wi-fi, home or even work wi-fi can pose a threat to your online life and as such, understand how essential VPN could be to you today.


Virtual Private Network (V.P.N) is a network connection you can rely on to prevent sharing of information online to hackers or online criminals. The sole purpose of this private network is encrypting the traffic being sent to and from your browsing device. This not only makes your browsing secure but also makes it hard for anyone to hack you.

How does it work?

Tunneling is the process, best VPN service uses to connect you through various servers. Your normal internet activities are as such tunneled to make your browsing more secure having being encrypted through various servers. Once traffic comes from your computer, it passes through multiple computers and servers safeguarding both your IP address and browsing data.

Corporate or enterprise VPN is commonly used by business and are often end to end encrypted to establish a secure communication channel between businesses. Consumer VPN on the other hand is one end encrypted and is often best for consumers using public wi-fi. Your browsing history, passwords, mails and even your IP address are masked to prevent third party access to the browsing channel.

Outstanding merits of using VPN

Do not wait until it is too late to jump on the wagon. A lot of things can happen online including identity theft, cyber bullying and even fraud. Your top priority should be securing your browsing channels ad here are some top merits of doing the same.

Augment security – The reason encryption was invented was to amplify security of the data being shared online. It mitigates third party access information making it secure. Buy a VPN today to ensure you reduce chances of being swindled online leave alone losing your persona information to hackers.

Virtual location –With VPN for your internet, you PC will show any location around the world.Some content is prohibited in certain states but not to you when you are using VPN to mask your real location. You can as such get unlimited content streaming online with a VPN without any worries.

Enjoy privacy –Your browser history should be your secret and anyone prying on what you do online should be cut off by your VPN. The data you send when searching for information online gets encrypted while it gets sent through multiple servers and computers to and from your computer today. No one can therefore get to access your browser history or log in credentials for different sites.