If you wish to play QQ POKER online, it is better to know the following terms.

Bet – If you are into gambling, you have to bet on various occasions. A bet is an amount you have to pay to the casino house to play a game of your choice. You will get back your bet amount along with profits if you win the game. However, you will lose the bet amount if the result does not go your way. In some games, you could bet more in the middle also if you are in a winning position.

Forced bet – The forced bet is also the placement of an amount into the pot. However, there will be a compulsion to do so. You might not have seen your position in the game. But you should place an amount as a bet irrespective of your hand combination. Mostly, the one who is sitting immediately left of the dealer will bet this way.

Call – While playing games like poker, the gameplay will move in an anticlockwise direction with each player getting one turn. If there is a person who has a bet in this round, a player could call against him if he thinks that he is having a better hand than the other one. If a player calls, the game will end, and the showdown will take place.

Raise – It will look like an act similar to calling. However, if you want to raise a bet, you can call against it and place your bet along with the existing one. So, the game will go on with the increased bet amount instead of leading to a showdown.

Bluff – It is the act of acting like you are having a better hand and placing your bet in the game. People who bluff will not have anything in their hands to favor them. But they will do so to make other players think inferior with their hand combinations. Let us consider that a player bluffs and places a bet. Another player who may be having a better hand could doubt his combination. This doubt can lead him to fold instead of calling or raising. Although it can be beneficial sometimes, bluffing is full of risks.

Fold – If you have no intention to continue the game anymore, you can fold your hand. Folding is the act of leaving the game at the instant. You can choose to fold when you think your hand combination is worse and there is no possibility to win. Once you fold, you will not be a part of the game and could not participate in showdowns.

Check – As said earlier, you will get a turn every time to make any decision with your hand combinations. However, there is no compulsion to alter your cards or raise bets in your turn. You can pass your turn to the next one without doing anything for yourself. It is the process of checking.

Showdown – Act of comparing the cards and announcing the winner.



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