Vietnam printing services


Packaging boxes, paper boxes, and printed paper boxes are required for every industry. They are used for different purposes for example, for packing, for presentation, for enclosing important products, etc. These boxes are very helpful in the presentation of different products. When a product is enclosed in a beautiful box, it boosts the price of the product. They also give a better look to your product. Paper boxes and printed paper boxes also play their role as a brand mark.


Types of paper boxes 

Different types of paper boxes are prepared and printed for the good presentation of different products. The beautiful printing of paper boxes helps to boost up your sales. Some of the major types of paper boxes include:

  • Corrugated boxes 
  • Boxboard 
  • Paper bags 
  • Paper sacks 


What is the significance of printed cardboards?

Cardboard boxes include paper board cartons, folding cartons, etc. Corrugated boxes are usually used as shipper boxes while all other boxes are used for presentation, storage, and brand representation of different products. 

For example, you are well aware of a tea brand named “Lipton”. This tea brand distributes its products in almost all regions of the world. What makes it more attractive? First of all, its taste is very good; secondly, its packing is attractive and colourful which attracts tea lovers.

Most of the brands and companies make certain products and boost their sale through attractive printing and covers used for the packaging of their products.


What types of products are packed in printed cardboards?

Vietnam printing services including in hop giay gia re and intriphat offer attractive printing for the packaging of different products for example:

  • Shopping bags
  • Packing of candies and biscuits
  • Covers of milk packs, smoothies, chocolate drinks, etc.
  • Packaging of boxes used for delivery of food
  • Boxes and covers for things of daily use like watches, clocks, jewelry, etc.
  • Stationary printing like notebooks, pens, files
  • Printing on gift packs
  • Cardboard covers for medicines and pharmaceutical products
  • Printing of various types of stickers for particular brands, institutes or events
  • Printed covers and packs of cosmetic products like facial creams, lipsticks, soaps, etc.
  • Cards printed for special events like birthday, anniversary, promotion or good wishes
  • Printed cards for a menu of restaurants
  • Printed Cardboards for the advertisement of a brand, institute or company
  • Any kind of Customized printing on demand of customers


Printing quality and material:

In hop giay gia re and intriphat use best quality material for making packets, covers, or boxes for any brand or general sale. The quality of cardboard always matters because when the customers buy something they judge the quality of that product from its wrapper or packaging.

Also, we make the best prints on the covers and boxes which make them attractive for the buyers. We do all kinds of embellishments as demanded by our customers and high-quality printing has made us win the trust of our customers.