Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults

The Quran is the most important book for Muslims. It is the Word of Allah and contains a wealth of information about Islam which is a way of life. People often have the misconception that Islam is all about rituals. The reality is that Allah sent Islam as a complete code of life and He sent down laws and injunctions for everything. Therefore, a Muslim cannot put the Quran and Islam aside. This is why Quran classes are of immense importance for Muslims.

Muslims often start learning the Quran from a young age. Many Muslim parents encourage children to start reading Arabic words and then start them on learning how to read the Quran. Some parents even start making their children memorize the Quran before they reach the age of ten. Muslims in all eras have memorized and learned the Quran and that tradition continues to this day.

Nowadays, Islam is the religion that is the most under attack all over the world. With the spread of secular ideologies, Islam is taking a backseat for many people because Muslims have started to neglect the Quran. This is a disturbing trend but one that is not difficult to turn around with some hard work.

Online Quran classes are the most popular way of learning the Quran. This applies to students taking Quran classes all over the world including countries like the USA and UK. With people all over the world having access to the internet and computers, it is the most flexible and convenient way of learning the Quran.

Types of classes Quran classes cater to students of all levels. Some courses are designed more beginners while there are classes for intermediate and advanced learners as well.

The most common beginner Quran class is that of reading the Quran. This is ideal for children or new Muslims who don’t know much about the Quran. Additionally, Arabic classes are also available for students who want to learn the Quran but also want to learn Arabic alongside it. Tajweed classes are very popular as well because they help students to perfect their recitation.

Quran memorization classes are the next level and these are some of the most popular ones. Many parents want their young children to learn the Quran by heart. Hence, they are eager to involve their children in these roles. Quran translation is an extremely important class as well because it enables students to understand the Quran and act upon its teachings, which is the ultimate aim.

Quran tutors

A wide range of Quran tutors are available when you opt to study online. There is a high demand for Quran teachers online and therefore you are likely to encounter teachers of high quality. QuranForKids follows a rigorous recruitment method for its tutors for online Quran classes.

There is the additional benefit of having the option of female teachers. Some parents or students may prefer to study with female tutors. Online Quran classes are such that a person can be sitting halfway across the world studying with the best teachers in another country.

Why you should study online

Online Quran classes help a student to learn the Quran one on one with their teacher. This helps to ensure quick progression for students.

Learning the Quran online is also the most convenient and flexible method of learning. All you need is an internet connection and a computer along with Skype.

If you want to take online Quran classes, you can start today at QuranForKids. Register at our website and get a free one-week trial. You will not regret the decision!