Using The Countdown Sticker Well On Instagram For Your Business

In case you want to pique the interest of your current followers and gain some extra traction with your sales and events, it is better that you check down the countdown sticker on the Instagram Stories. Whenever you are sharing a story about upcoming something, you can add a countdown sticker that will count down to the time and date that you have set already. The followers will then subscribe to the countdown event, which will later send them a reminder of when the time is up, and the countdown is all done.

It is one amazing strategy if you are trying to engage your Instagram followers and getting audiences to move into some of the exciting promotions or special events. If you are all set to learn more about the Instagram Stories countdown stickers, then you probably have to go through the entire article to learn some more about it.

The ways you can use the countdown stickers:

Much like adding any of the interactive Instagram Stories stickers, adding a countdown sticker is more or less the same. All you have to do is start by tapping the sticker button after you have uploaded the video or photo to the Instagram Stories.

Here, you will come to see that “countdown” sticker on the given list. In case you can’t find it, it is maybe because Instagram has not yet launched it in your region, or maybe you are using the old version of this application.

  • For the next step, you need to name your countdown sticker. In case you are counting to in-store sale or the promotion, you can name the countdown by “save 20%” or “one-day sale” and similar such options.
  • Avoid getting too bogged down by the countdown’s name to choose as you always have the right to add extra text to the story, just to add in some more context to this sticker. 
  • Once you are done naming the countdown sticker, it is that portion when you have to set the countdown’s time. You can add the “All Day” option where the countdown might lead up to a day, and the sticker might stop at midnight on the given day you have selected.
  • In case you are currently counting down to any specified time of the day, then you need to deselect the all-day option and set the preferred hour and minute of the countdown. 
  • If you want, you have the liberty to change the color of the countdown sticker as well. For that, you just need to tap on the color wheel, located just at the top of the sticker. Whenever you are happy with the look of the present countdown sticker, just tap on the “Done” option, and you are all set to share.

One major thing about the Instagram Stories countdown stickers is that people get to see your sticker and start following the countdown you have created. Whenever someone is viewing your story and tapping on the countdown button, they will get the option to receive a reminder of countdown or just re-share the same to their own Instagram account.

Be sure to learn all about the countdown stickers before you plan to use one on your profile. Just like you have invested a lot before you finalize to buy IG likes, it is really important to know everything you can about the countdown sticker and then get to use one as per your needs.

The activity feed notification:

The chances are high that you will get the activity feed notification whenever anyone is selecting the reminder option. In case the account has 50,000 followers, you are likely to get a notification through DM whenever someone is sharing the countdown. It will have a huge potential for all the businesses, which have mastered the art of using countdown stickers on their Instagram Stories.

Count down to one live broadcast time:

In case you are hosting some live broadcasts on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels, you can use this sticker to help your audience know when the next time you will come live. Whenever the timer expires, those who have set the reminders will get notified, so they are sure to tune right in and catch up with your live show.

If you are a regular in hosting a live show on Instagram and have already started to use the countdown sticker to allow followers to set the reminder, then no one is going to miss out on your life. They have found it really helps to ensure that they don’t miss the present live broadcast. 

In case you are hosting any live show on Facebook, then you can take a screenshot of that event or post to promote for the Facebook show. Both these options will help the audiences to see that you have one show under your sleeves and set a reminder just to get notified. 

On the other hand, if you get the chance to add the link to the live show on your Instagram Stories or just put the event link in the bio URL, you will be directing people to that link to rely on the event. In these situations, the countdown reminder will allow the audience to not just see that you have one upcoming event but to physically see how long until this same event happens. It helps to create that sense of urgency to register or reply so that you don’t end up missing the event.

The beauty of the countdown sticker is hard to ignore:

No matter how hard you try, you cannot ignore the value and beauty of the countdown sticker presented by Instagram. This social media channel did its research and even asks millions of people before launching the countdown sticker. Right from its inception, there is no turning back as the importance of such stickers keeps on growing. So, if you own a business or just have a live show under your bucket, then you are the perfect candidate to use the countdown sticker. You will love the results it unfolds.