The Reason why People are using CBD Gummies as Medication

As we become older, our bodies, minds and immune systems become weaker, and the chances of suffering from specific physical and mental conditions become much higher. This is especially true once we reach elderhood, since problems linked to inflammatory diseases and pain-causing complications are more likely to happen.

And here’s the thing about dealing with such complications: A lot of the medications we use to treat some of the symptoms caused by said diseases are actually very harmful to our bodies, especially if we take them for prolonged periods of time. And even medications that are meant to help us deal with problems such as sleeping disorders and anxiety are very harmful as well.

Take anti-inflammatories and painkillers as an example. In the long-term, they can cause a lot of damage to our livers, to the point of affecting our bodies in many ways.

Sleeping pills are also well known for causing similar damages, but they are also infamous for causing depression, reducing your capacity to focus, greatly bringing down your motivation, and overall being really bad for your mental health.

That is why CBD-based gummies have become such a huge thing: They are actually capable of helping us deal with the symptoms caused by inflammatory diseases, pain-causing conditions, and sleeping disorders, without causing too much harm to our bodies. And as showcased at cheefbotanicals, there are many choices for us to pick from.

Sadly, not a lot of people are aware of CBD and its many benefits, thus, we are here to teach beginners the reason why so many people are choosing CBD-based products as a form of medication instead of relying on more commonly used drugs.

What is CBD, First of All?

Well, CBD stands for Cannabidiol, which is one of the many cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabi’s chemical structure. That being said, contrary to the main compound of the plant, which is THC, Cannabidiol is non-psychotropic, thus, it doesn’t get you high the same way medicinal cannabis would.

This is very important for a lot of people since many would not like to get high whenever they use their medications, thus, Cannabidiol-based products, like gummies, are considered a lot more reliable than medicinal cannabis mainly because it doesn’t affect their capabilities to deal with their daily lives whatsoever.

You can check more detailed information at  And as you might have guessed, it is capable of granting all of the benefits you would get from medicinal cannabis, which are many. But what are these benefits?

Pain and Inflammation

The most popular reason why people use Cannabidiol gummies as a form of medication is because it is capable of relieving pain and inflammation, making it a very valuable asset for people going through their elderhood with joint pain, and people that suffer from problems related to inflammation, like arthritis.

The reason why CBD is capable of reducing inflammation and alleviating pain is because it targets a group of neurotransmitters that can influence the body’s inflammatory reactions to damage and injuries caused by accidents and old age, thus, making it easier for the person suffering the condition.

Stress and Anxiety

CBD gummies are well known for having great relaxing capabilities, mainly because it is derived from a type of plant known as hemp, which belongs to the Indica category of plants. This plant contains considerably lower levels of THC, thus, products derived from it only have 0.3% of it, making it non-psychotropic, but providing all the relaxing effects of an Indica plant.

Thanks to it, it can calm down the mind and the heart, and also reduces the cortisol levels produced by the body, a hormone that is often described as the stress hormone, and that causes a lot of health problems if unbalanced.

Quality of Sleep

I myself use Cannabidiol gummies as a way to handle insomnia, a very common sleeping disorder that, according to research, is affecting more than 40% of the adults inside of the United States. Insomnia is well known for affecting the health in many different ways, causing conditions such as:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Excessive tiredness
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Poor levels of focus and concentration
  • Lack of coordination at many aspects of life
  • Tension Headaches
  • Low self esteem
  • Gastrointestinal complications

Overall, insomnia and other similar sleeping disorders can greatly affect your lifestyle and make you a much unhappier person, and I have struggled with it for the longest time. CBD was capable of improving my quality of life since it helped me relax to the point of making it a lot easier for me to fall asleep.

Not only that, whenever I use CBD for sleeping purposes, I always have the best kinds of sleep I have ever had in my life, and I awake as fresh as a lettuce, more motivated than ever.

Why CBD Gummies, though?


Well, gummies are a very beginner-friendly option. You see, although CBD is indeed very safe, it is still possible to suffer from certain side effects, being the most common one’s diarrhea and vomiting. However, these side effects are easily managed by consuming the right dosage, since they are often the result of consuming more CBD than your body can actually handle.

Here’s where gummies come in handy. Gummies are very easy to control and administer, thus, you can always have a solid idea of how much gummies you should be consuming. Ideally, you should always start with small dosages and go up until you find the right dosage for you. I, for example, tend to consume 2 gummies per sleep session!

Of course, it depends on your circumstances as well and the severity of your situation. If you suffer from severe inflammation and intense pain, you might want to consume more for the sake of reliving your symptoms.