How to Get Raid-Ready Faster in Destiny 2

When starting any new game, every player wants to progress through the levels as soon as possible. Sure, they take some time to explore the content, worlds, challenges, weapons, and so on, but after a while, they want to compete with others and lead their team of characters straight to the top. This is especially true for online multi-players titles like Destiny 2.

When it comes to this game, in particular, the ranking system can bit a bit confusing for novices. So, instead of wasting time trying to figure everything on your own, keep reading this article and learn some tips on getting raid-ready fast.

Obtain the Tender cap


The first thing you should focus on is attaining the Soft cap, which is at the power level 1200. The reach this goal, you can just enjoy the game and progress naturally, since there aren’t any special requirements you have to meet. However, you should make sure to avoid collecting drops and completing activities that lead you to Powerful and Pinnacle gear since you won’t be able to use any of these unless you have the Tender cap.

How to get it? Well, as already mentioned, all you have to do is follow the gameplay. You can start completing the campaign missions. Don’t forget to collect all the drops and gear a few levels higher from your current stage. Then, you should focus on Crucible matches. In addition, there are many public events you will enjoy, which will enable you to climb through the ranks quickly.

Don’t upgrade the gear

Now, many players cannot resist this temptation. They have collected all the necessary pieces, and they want to infuse them into high-power gear. These new weapons will not be handy when trying to level up as soon as possible. We know this sounds odd, but let us explain. In Destiny 2, the gear dictates your power rank. Since you will be progressing through the ranks quickly, it won’t take long for the weapons to become useless because you will constantly need new ones. Due to this reason, you need to be smart about this step and keep the pieces until they become essential. You will be going through the gear at the speed of light while on the journey of reaching level 1200, so you should get attached to a single weapon regardless of how much you like it.

Get rid of the old stuff

As already explained, the gear determines your power level, which means that you really don’t need the outdated stuff. Nevertheless, you can still use these pieces to level up and gain a reputation. The first thing you should do is dismantle all the gear you no longer need. How to know which ones you don’t need? Well, simply go with those that are levels under your most powerful possessions. Once you do this, travel to the Tower and give these pieces to the gunsmith. This way, you will boost your reputation with him and eventually get higher-level gear as a reward.

Play different characters

You have three characters at your disposal in this game –a Hunter, a Warlock, and a Titan. Once you start playing, you will choose one that will be your main character. However, you should also play alternative ones and get them to the same power level as the primary one. Why? Well, you can easily exchange weapons between them, which means that it will be easier to boost your main character through the power ranks and provide it will the best gear currently available to you.

Aim for the level 1250


When you utilize the previously described tips, you will get the Soft cap, that is, reach level 1200. Naturally, your next goal is the Hard cap at level 1250. Here, things will slow down a bit since you cannot progress simply by playing the game, but instead, you need to obtain the Powerful gear. Here are some tips on reaching this goal.

First, you can start by completing strikes, that is, missions you get weekly. The list of these missions will change each week, and there will always be one main activity that will boost a specific power. If you complete three of these strikes with a character subclass that is in accordance with that week’s requirements, you will get the Tier 1 reward. Another way you can get these is by completing bounties. These will be presented to you by the Tower vendors, and obviously, you should get as many of them as you can. Next, if your friends also enjoy playing Destiny 2, you should make a clan. You will get Tier 1 prizes every week by completing activities, and you can also get Tier 2 rewards for your weekly contribution to the team.

Lastly, there is another trick you can use. Since some of these tasks can be pretty challenging, you may want to consider collaborating with a pro player. It is quite easy. You present them with the problem you face, and they deal with it instead of you. If you have been stuck for a while, this may seem appealing, and you should learn more about it on the destiny2-sherpa website.

The Pinnacle cap

When you get the Hard cap, your new goal is the Pinnacle one, and you need to get to level 1260 to obtain it. As it is to be expected, things get a bit challenging here since Pinnacle drops do not occur very frequently. Here, you have two options. You can either master the Crucible or tackle the raids. Since the latter is the focus of this article, we will concentrate on it. Obviously, you will need to get to level 1250 even to start it, which is why you should follow the previous tips and steps. By completing the Deep Stone Crypt, you will get a Pinnacle reward every week, and you will reach the final goal in no time. Each of these will boost the capability of the gear you hold, and therefore, enable you to climb through the ranks quickly. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these are team-based missions, meaning that you need to collaborate with other players.