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Transparency Market Research delivers key insights on the global current sense amplifiers market. In terms of revenue, the global current sense amplifiers market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of ~11% during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors regarding which TMR offers thorough insights and forecasts in its report on the global current sense amplifiers market.

The global current sense amplifiers market is broadly affected by several factors, including usage of current sense amplifiers in the automotive sector and increasing application in the telecommunication sector. Thus, expanding applications of current sense amplifiers in different sectors is propelling the global market for current sense amplifiers.

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Current Sense Amplifiers Market: Dynamics

Current sense amplifiers are also known as current shunt monitors. This amplifier is designed to monitor the current flow by measuring the voltage drop across a sense element, typically a shunt resistor. Current sense amplifiers offer real-time overcurrent protection, precise readings, consume less power, and are easy to use. They offer excellent performance for a wide array of automotive and power management applications such as battery chargers, notebook computers, wireless chargers, and telecommunications equipment. Based on product type, the current sense amplifiers market has been segmented into unidirectional and bidirectional. Bidirectional current sense amplifiers are largely used in smartphones, wireless chargers, as well as in vehicles for battery management systems. Thus, the demand for bidirectional current sense amplifiers is on the rise around the globe, owing to their low cost and low noise level.

Current sense amplifiers are extensively used in the telecommunication industry in smartphones, antennas, and other electronic devices in the telecommunication sector. Current sense amplifiers are also popular in automotive applications, since they are mostly used in battery management systems in electric vehicles. They are prominently used in industrial applications, as they offer high precision, high accuracy, consume less power, and offer space saving that plays an important role in industrial applications. Among applications, the telecommunication industry is anticipated to reach value of US$ 1,818.58 Mn by 2030 at the highest CAGR of 10.74% during the forecast period.

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Current Sense Amplifiers Market: Prominent Regions

The current sense amplifiers market in North America is expected to expand during the forecast period, owing to the presence of key market players, technological advancements, and growth of telecommunication and automotive applications in the region. The current sense amplifiers market in North America is projected to witness favorable growth during the forecast period, due to significant rise in telecommunication applications for use in smartphones, antennas, and others electronic devices in the region, which is projected to reach value of US$ 665.55 Mn by 2030. The Asia Pacific current sense amplifiers market is likely to expand at the highest CAGR of 10.93% during the forecast period, owing to the presence of a large number of players manufacturing current sense amplifiers.

Current Sense Amplifiers Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global current sense amplifiers market are Analog Devices Inc., Maxim Integrated, Monolithic Power Systems, ON Semiconductor, Renesas Electronics Corporation, ROHM Semiconductor, Semtech Corporation, Silicon Laboratories, STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments Incorporated.

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