Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 Using Unlocking Code Generator

The struggle with a locked mobile phone device can be exhausting and tiring, but most of all costly. The reasons for a locked cell phone can vary, but the bottom line is the same. Today we will share with you a detailed guide addressing the issue of the locked Samsung Galaxy S20. We will help you retrieve the original unlock code for this exact model, as registered in the official servers, and thus aid you in permanently unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S20 device. Keep in mind that the unlock issue we will be tackling today refers to SIM card unlocking rather than any other type of unlocking. So, if you do not know the PIN code, the PUK code, or the unlock pattern you might seek for a solution someplace else. However, if you cannot use you Samsung device only on a SIM card issued by the mobile network provider that originally sold the phone then you know you need a SIM unlock ASAP.

Use the Samsung Galaxy Code Generator

For your current situation with the SIM card lock on your Samsung Galaxy S20 it is highly recommended that you should use the universal code generator for Samsung mobile phone devices. This tool can help you generate a code for any SIM card locked Samsung device. So, this guide will be helpful to you if you want to unlock more than just one Samsung Galaxy S20, but any device from the Samsung phone family.

Important SIM unlock steps than you are advised to follow:

  1. Open the downloading page https://oppfiles.com/149471 and get the Samsung Galaxy Code Generator tool on your computer/ laptop or cell phone by completing one survey.
  2. Follow through the downloading process and then install the program.
  3. Be patient for a moment until you see the shortcut of the Samsung Galaxy Code Generator tool on your desktop.
  4. Click on the icon to open.
  5. Find the IMEI code of your Samsung Galaxy S20.
  6. Place the IMEI code where it is required.
  7. See the UNLOCK option and click on it as soon as it changes its color into yellow.
  8. In a few minutes you will see a new window being opened and that is where your SIM unlock code is.

Bear in mind that the operation will be successful, and the code that this tool will generate will help you unlock your Samsung mobile phone device only if you provide the correct IMEI code. So, take your time while doing the step where you enter the IMEI code. Double heck if all the digits you typed match the digits of the IMEI code. If you don’t know where to find it, you can dial *#06# and immediately see the 15-digit code on your phone’s screen. There are other ways you can find this code but so far this is the easiest.

If by any chance you misplaced a digit and received an invalid unlock code, then you must uninstall the Samsung Galaxy Code Generator and re-install it once more for a second chance.

Steps to follow for correctly entering the SIM unlock code you received via Samsung Galaxy Code Generator:

  1. Safely remove the SIM card from your Samsung galaxy S20 (or any other Samsung model)
  2. Place a new SIM card instead. For the unlock to work, in this step you must use a SIM card that is not issued by the original mobile network provider/ seller.
  3. Power on your Samsung device as you normally do and wait for a moment to see an SIM unlock code requirement.
  4. Use the code you managed to generate with our special tool and click OK.
  5. Your code will be accepted and your Samsung device will be unlocked permanently.

What other Samsung models can Samsung Galaxy Code Generator help unlock?

In case you were wondering there is a long list of Samsung mobile phone devices that this tool can unlock, just check if your model is listed on our website and you are good to go.

Why should you choose the Samsung Galaxy Code Generator for your SIM card lock problem?

As you can see from the detailed description above it is a simple and straightforward procedure. There are no false promises or any special requirements. The Samsung Galaxy Code Generator should be your number one choice because it is a combination of other similar tools that have been used in the past. Now, these combinations contain only the best parts which guarantee you a safe and permanent unlock of your Samsung cell phone device. It doesn’t take time, knowledge or reading a small print. It is all out in the open and what you read is what you get. Just follow the guidelines as listed above, stick to the steps, be careful about your IMEI code and the unlock is more than certain.