Understanding How to Fundraise For Your School

The way funds are sent to schools using a top-bottom approach. The federal government spends money on the school using long channels; and not enough. When the money is received into the school accounts, a chunk already gets reduced by 35%. The remaining 65% is again divided into different departments in the school.

You realize that even the PTA/O also receive some funds to operate the school. In the process, this money does not reach the student directly. Some of the teachers who are forced to buy materials they’ll use to teach from their private pockets. And since the money follows a bureaucracy; be assured that the teachers and the pupils do not directly benefit from these funds.  Because of this many schools organize for fundraisings.

It’ll also be possible to find a new school and raise money that will help running the school. You can decide to do the fundraising or contact a fundraiser for your school

How do fundraisers work?

Before you start fundraising for your school there’ll be partnerships and coordination between the school and the sponsor. Some fundraisers are done by companies such as Apex Fun Run. The fundraiser-sponsors remove the burden from the parents. The Apex Company for instance uses a unique model to collect the funds.

They engage the donors through online pledges for the fundraiser.  They do the follow-up through the emails for the delayed pledges.

They use a model that differs from others. You need to follow the program and realize that they’re safe to use learning are not using them to sell Hawk goods and must read the Apex Fun Run Scam. There’ll be no need knocking on people’s door-step; help kids not to waste time knocking doors and selling expensive cookies.

How does it work?

The fundraiser looks for sponsors through online registration using the kids. The kids are required to register and ask for donors; and for every donor, they’ll pledge an amount.

During the fun run activities, the students are required to run laps from 26 to 36.  That means you’ll give asyour donor is willing to donate. You’ll give according to the students’ number of laps such as one lap, one dollar, or pledge a standard amount of $30 whether the kid finishes 36 laps or not

The pledges are then followed up by the sponsor and the students. If you pledge, you’ll register online and from there you will receive an email as a reminder. But during the materialday, you can give it to the teacher, and it’s recorded without sending a check over.

Why is the system better than others?

The traditional methods of fundraising include students participating in fun fares and then engage selling to strangers. They become salespersons during the fundraising period. The students and the school can decide on the items to be sold.

However, this method of collecting funds involves the students enlisting potential donors. They don’t involve in the selling of items with exaggerated prices. The students mostly participate in the fun like running several laps.

The amount collected unlike other fundraisers is given to the teachers directly 10% and others shared between the school and sponsor.