Learn How To Gain Followers On Instagram Naturally

Instagram followers

The world that we are a part of gives us various things that we hold dear to ourselves. The family we live with, friends, colleagues, people we associate and socialize with, acquaintances, and our adorable pets. How often do we think about the world based on the learnings and understanding we have of it? Are our thoughts and opinions influenced by what we are told and made to believe? Do we have an opinion of our own? Do we say things because we ever considered the alternative viewpoint?

Ask yourself these questions, and let’s figure out the answer to this piece. Today, you will get a glimpse of how to ganharseguidores no instagram.


When childhood was fun

Do you remember the last time you went outdoors and played a game with a group of friends or your neighbors? Gotten messy and dirty playing with paints and water? Reading this might make you realize how distant we have all become from what we rejoiced and cherished at one point, which only seems like a distant memory now. The childhood period is supposed to be when you are curious and filled with energy and enthusiasm, which should not be thrown away in front of a television, mobile phone, or any of the numerous gadgets available today.


How quickly we grow up

Not realizing how time passes from the time when we were in third-grade drawing circles and squares to now when we barely have time to sit down for a meal with the entire family without peeping into our phone every few minutes. We are part of an age where the validation and social presence take over self-worth and time for oneself. Have we come to the point where social media dictates what we eat, wear, buy, and see? We might disagree that a gadget has taken control over our lives, but the truth is, it is not the gadget that is the problem, but us who are susceptible to such bright and shiny things.


Can social media influence us for the better?

Till now, we saw how we have been giving away ourselves bit by bit to this entity in our lives, but when we have seen the cons, should we not beware of the pros as well?

The entire world was hit by a wave of destruction six months ago, something we never saw coming. Many were frustrated, annoyed, anxious, restless, depressed even, and in those times, what were we exposed to the most? Social media.

Statistics show that there has been a surge in social media usage by people worldwide by over 60% compared to before. People have been more active online than ever before.

At the outset, this period has made it possible for most of the population to give time to things they never had the time for, and to many, the chance to enhance better functioning of their already existing passion, hobby, or business.


Instagram is the social platform that has catered to providing the means of reaching masses faster at the click of a button now. Initially, it took time to convey how one felt or thought of a certain being, decision, system, service, etc. Still, with the provision of being able to establish oneself online with ease, this has become easier.

Today we have many people who have become influencers, ones who large sects of the population follow based on the content they put up, the kind of life they lead, or just because of the status they hold in society.


While it is a glorious feeling to be an influencer, the job comes with responsibilities. It is important that when you are a person who can influence even a few people, the content you put up is not fictitious or bogus. The reason being, sometimes things said by these people, even though not intentional or to be taken lightly is out there on the internet, can come before a person who might be in a state of mind where it could make or break their life. Hence, along with great power do come responsibilities.


Many people put out content for people to learn from and educate themselves in fashion, sports, and film. For such individuals, the increase in likes on their posts and the number of people following them will boost that will encourage them to continue doing the good work they are doing.


There are always ways to make an upright thing corrupt; all it takes is for one to go off track for a bit. Social media platforms like Instagram can be of great use to individuals for various purposes. Still, at the same time, the content generated and put out there must be such that can hold people who have put it up are held accountable for it. The whole system of likes for posts and followers should be understood as the algorithm they are, and one must not give it more important than what is required.