Under the influence of the cocktail

How to prepare a cocktail?

A meeting with friends, a family gathering, or simply a relaxing evening, will never be complete without a good drink to toast with, the custom of sharing, a good toast during any celebration has been maintained for centuries. Cocktails are drinks that are prepared by fusing various flavors to awaken the senses and delight the palate, they are distinguished from other drinks because they are created, as a whole concept that bring together colors, flavors, decoration, texture and more. At first it may seem somewhat complex to make certain cocktails but as you practice you will see how they are simpler than it seems. The good thing about cocktail recipes is that you can modify quantities to your liking, and that of your guests. To prepare a good cocktail, you mainly need the ingredients that you will use such as distillates, liqueurs, sumo or fruit pulps, soft drinks, syrups, any decorative touch. It is also necessary to have tools to create your cocktail like the ones we are going to mention below

Utensils to prepare your cocktail

The materials that should not be missing in your bar equipment, are your cocktail set, the corkscrew, bottle openers, worm strainer, whisk, pulp strainer, paring knives, dispensers, juicers, hammer. Normally all this is included in the cocktail set. As for the glassware, these make up a margarita glass, brandy glass, Martini glass, champagne glass, and formal cordial glass. For their part, the most common types of glasses are Hurricani glass, long glass, Pillsner glass, Collins glass, and Zombie glass. Having all these bar tools is what will make the difference in your meeting and sharing, if what you want is to have a home bar accesoriesor even your personal venture, if you want to venture into the world of cocktails as your job aspiration or as your entertainment hobby.

Types of Shakers

Shakers or cocktail shakers are one of the essential tools that can never be lacking in a bar or mini bar at home, but there are several types of shakers and each one has different functions. The standard shaker is a good option for your home bar accessories, or in any case for bar tools not so active, this shaker has a slow operation, the Boston shaker is also known as an American shaker and is one of the most popular in the world. bartender tools, on the other hand, the Manhattan shaker is the most similar to the standard one, its capacity allows you to prepare several cocktails at the same time. The French shaker is the easiest to use, the most rustic and the cheapest, to prepare drinks with a shaker of this type, just add all the ingredients together with the ice and shake quickly. There is a lot of variety in cocktail shakers, which may or may not be included in your cocktail set, but those mentioned are the essential and most used in bars, or home bar accessories. Anyway, there are places you can go to get your ideal shaker, which will allow you to delight your family, friends, or help you relax on those tiring days. This will also depend on the preparation and the ingredients used, as well as the intensity, that will be applied to mix your shaker.