SARM stands for Selective Androgenic Receptors Modulators. These are the external compounds that can react by binding the androgenic receptors in your muscle cell walls and activate them to gain muscles. There will not be any interaction with other hormones or organs of the body, like steroid’s actions. So, you can consider SARMs as less harmful than anabolic steroids. Hence, the use of SARMs is still in the phase of confusion for legalization or illegalization. You would have come across some chemical products, such as mk2866 powder. It is an example of SARM products that can help you gain muscle mass. SARMs are in the phase of research, and new compounds are coming up every day. So far, there are several variations of SARMs have been found in the market. Let us discuss some of these types of SARMs in brief.

Types of SARMs


There will not be several differences among these variations of SARMs compounds. But it is advisable to know the minute differences in properties and effects.




If you are keen on building your body to shape by gaining muscles, ostarine will be the best choice. It is considerably the most common type of SARMs in the market. You can consume ostarine orally to get the several benefits of it in your body. It will directly act with the muscles instead of interacting with other body parts and metabolisms. Ostarine works by binding with the androgen receptors and stimulating protein synthesis. It will help treat muscle wasting. You can see improvements in your lean mass, athletic performance, body strength, and insulin sensitivity. Your body will get more energy as there will be a reduction in fat content and an increase in metabolism. mk2866 powder is an ostarine product that can help you gain muscle mass. However, there are no proven results for the benefits of ostarine.




It will also act similarly to ostarine in terms of increased muscle strength. You can consume ligandrol orally to help in cutting down your lean muscle tissue. It is also claimed that ligandrol intake can induce a sense of happiness and satisfaction. So, you can consider consuming it for your mental health issues like stress or depression. Your body fat will burn to a greater extent with the consumption of ligandrol.




Andarine is the favorite type of SARM for the fitness industry. It will also help in developing your lean mass along with the improvement in muscle mass. You can find several anabolic properties with this type of SARMs. No organs will be affected due to the intake and its action of increased bone mass. An additional benefit of consuming andarine is the reduced retention of water in your body. Since water retention is prevented, the lean tissue cutting phase will be effective.




Testolone will have properties similar to testosterone that got its name. You can use testolone for its anabolic properties helping to increase your muscle mass as a whole without any adverse effects on your body.



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