Types Of Coating Can Be More Beneficial For Custom Candle Packaging

Custom candle boxes

The efficacious results of the attractive and shining packaging are gaining more attention in the market has provoked an urge in the businesses to embellish their box with different coatings and finishes. For newer candle-making businesses, it is quite a daunting task to opt for the right finishes in order to make their candle wholesale boxes more impactful. Although the finishes can improve the outer look or appearance of the boxes, all of them might not be suitable in this regard. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of coating and finish options that work well in accordance with the specifications of your candle packages.

Gloss UV coat:

Getting your custom candle boxes coated with a gloss UV coating can make them stand out by producing an instant shine. It adds an additional thicker layer of protection that helps retain the printed text and graphics. UV coating machine is utilized in this process to apply liquid over the printed materials of boxes on one specific part or throughout the packages, depending upon your prerequisites. In the next step, the machine dries up the liquid with the help of a specially calibrated UV radiation process, the same types of radiation that come through the sun. Usually, the printed visuals on the candle packages get damaged by the sun rays or humidity, due to which the businesses face hurdles in marketing. To get rid of damage from these external factors, gloss UV coating is an excellent option. The bonus is that this type of coating can be foil stamped, embossed, and debossed in order to enhance the outlook further.

Spot gloss varnish:

Spot gloss varnish is a type of coating that is actually a post-print technique. In this method, gloss coating is applied to only a specific part of custom candle packages by the application of intense pressure and heat. The specific part of the boxes pops off with a glossy finish which is in perfect contrast with the rest part. Consider, for example, that you want to showcase the branding elements such as a logo or tagline more prominently. The spot gloss varnish is a perfect choice because it will highlight your logo or tagline, thus, giving it more importance in the overall design. Since the spot gloss is so clear, you can also think of applying it as a pattern across the complete printed surface of the box. Do not think that its employment as a pattern will affect the readability of the printed text in a negative way.

Aqueous coating:

As opposed to the UV coatings, the aqueous coating is water-based and does possess the ability to dry the inks at a faster rate. Most of the time, the appearance of the wholesale candle boxes gets compromised due to the unwanted effects of stains, dirt, scuffs, and scratches. This type of coating increases the resistance of candle packages against such types of effects, due to which the elegant appearance of the boxes remains intact. Unlike varnishes, it is less vulnerable to yellowing which makes it a better choice. Not only is it a cost-effective process, but it is also a hassle-free solution that works well with different types of printing inks. Usually, it is applied to the entire printed boxes and is an eco-friendly solution as compared to the varnish of UV coatings due to its water-based nature. When eyeing to showcase products in candle packages on retail shelves, this kind of treatment is the most preferred option for businesses.

Soft-touch finish:

It is a high-class coating that, when applied to the candle packages, complements well the premium nature of your candles. It adds a very soft touch to the boxes that encourage the audience to interact and feel the amazing experience. Not just that, but it also helps in the creation of a more soft look than both the aqueous and UV coating while acting as a perfect shield against any scuffs or scratches. Sometimes, the visual appeal of the candle packages is not enough to raise the interest levels of the target audience in your products. You can employ this type of finish for creating a velvety texture that enhances the sensory experience of the customers. Apart from that, it adds strength to your boxes and is a more eco-friendly solution. It can be spot gloss coated and foil stamped as well for creating a soft outlook or appearance.

Matte coating:

Sometimes, the businesses need packaging solutions that do not shine more and look smooth in order to pull some sophisticated customers towards the candles. The matte coating is essential for giving your candle packages a shine-free and smoother surface. It is the best option when you require a sleek and non-glossy look. The printed information on the candle packages seems bright since no glare is produced after the application of this type of finish. It is free from the effect of fingerprints; thus, you do not need to worry about the luxurious appearance of the packaging. When incorporating special processes into your candle packages, such as spot gloss, embossing, debossing, or foil stamping, this sort of coating is the best choice.

In a nutshell, the perfect candle wholesale boxes are ultimately what keep your candle products drive off the shelves instantly. Not every type of coating can suit your boxes well; only some of them work well to make them enticingly appealing. The gloss UV, spot gloss, aqueous, matte, and soft-touch are some of the best coating options in this regard.