High Adoption in Communication Devices to Influence Market Growth

The electronic space has evolved at a rapid pace in the past couple of decades. Rapidly changing industrial requirements, widening applications of electronic components, advancements in technology, and improvements in accuracy and precision provided by modern-day electronic components are some of the factors that have triggered the evolution of electrical and electronics sectors. The demand for trimmer capacitors, which are also known as variable capacitors, has witnessed a steady growth in the past few years. This factor is expected to drive the trimmer capacitor market during the forecast period (2019-2027). Trimmer capacitors are primarily used in circuits that require precise frequency levels and thus, are used in radio frequency (RF) equipment, oscillators, and communications equipment.

Stakeholders in the trimmer capacitor market are continually launching ultra-thin trimmer capacitors that make use of negligible amount of plastic. Moreover, trimmer capacitor manufacturers are also swaying toward the production of advanced trimmer capacitors that are free form harmful materials, such as lead. In applications that require high precision and accuracy, trimmer capacitors that use glass, quartz, or sapphire are preferred, owing to desirable tuning sensitivity, stability, and improved efficiency. Due to these factors, the trimmer capacitor market is projected to reach a market value of ~US$ 936 Mn by the end of 2027.

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High Adoption of Trimmer Capacitors in Implantable Medical Devices

Trimmer capacitors are one of the most critical components used in a host of electronic systems, such as consumer electronics, electrical vehicles, and medical devices. Over the past decade, trimmer capacitors have been increasingly used in non-life supporting and life-supporting medical devices. At present, a range of implantable medical devices are being utilized to perform an array of treatments wherein capacitors are used. However, capacitors that are specifically used in implantable medical devices, trimmer capacitors are required to be reliable, small in size, and have a large capacity.

Trimmer capacitors are extensively used in a range of implantable devices such as cardioverters, defibrillators, artificial cochlea, gastric stimulators, insulin pumps, and pacemakers, among others. Stakeholders in the trimmer capacitor market are focused on the development of trimmer capacitors that are durable and have a significantly longer service cycle. However, trimmer capacitors that are used in life-sustaining medical devices need to adhere to stringent control requirements and are required to undergo a series of screening processes.

Trimmer capacitors have emerged as one of the most crucial components of non-implantable and implantable medical devices. Furthermore, to fulfill the growing demand for capacitors with improved performance and high reliability, manufacturers are leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies and testing methodologies. As far as the changes in design and raw materials are concerned, medical grade capacitor manufacturers are required to gain approval for their products from regulatory bodies such as the FDA. Within the trimmer capacitor market, applications of trimmer capacitors in medical devices are likely to generate high revenues.

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Stakeholders Eye Product Launches to Gain Advantage

Over the past decade, the demand for trimmer capacitors with improved reliability, performance, and smaller sizes has grown at a consistent pace. In the current market landscape, manufacturers are likely to focus on product innovation and expanding their product portfolio to meet these demands.

For instance, in September 2018, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., launched a new NFC trimmer capacitor with enhanced voltage resistance and functional capabilities. The new product was primarily developed for applications in card readers that are integrated with an NFC function. Similarly, in August 2019, Passive Plus Inc. launched a new range of Air Tubular Trimmer Capacitors that are developed in accord with the required standards and have the desirable adjustment and mechanical precision. Product innovations will continue to gain significant momentum during the assessment period, owing to evolving end user requirements and regulatory standards.

Demand for both, single-turn trimmers and multi-turn trimmers is expected to grow at a steady pace during the assessment period. However, demand for single-turn trimmers is projected to outpace the demand for multi-turn trimmers during the forecast period.

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